Different Uses Of Upholstered Coffee Tables

Different Uses Of Upholstered Coffee Tables

An upholstered coffee table is a multi-functional and versatile piece of furniture that can be a statement of style and luxury. It is an essential part of the living room to put the coffee tray with coffee or other drinks, books or magazines. It is not meant to use as a dining table because of its small size.

The fabric coffee tables come in different coloured fabrics to match with your other furniture. In the living room, you can match its colour with the sofa or window curtains and even the carpet on the floor. While in the bedroom it can be matched with the bed colour.

Here are some ideas to use the upholstered coffee table as a multi-purpose and multi-functional table.

Different Uses of Coffee Table

Traditionally, as the name suggests, it is used for putting coffee trays in the living room while having a snack. It is not just limited to having a coffee tray on it but other drinks can also be served on it.

While being used for coffee, it can also be used to put newspapers, magazines, books, remote controls and anything that can be used while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Designs To Choose From

Generally, the coffee table comes in wood but can be in ottoman style also. The wooden coffee table is traditional but the fabric coffee table is the modern design and can be produced in a different kind of fabric and colour.

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Wooden Coffee Table

The wooden coffee table is made of wood with glass on top of it. The wood is a more classic and traditional style, as the glass top makes it suitable for any kind of furniture in your living room. It can be used with both, a set of wooden chairs or an upholstered sofa set.

Another benefit of wood is that it can be cleaned easily if some drink spills over it. The glass surface of this table is easy to clean.

Upholstered Coffee Table

The upholstered coffee table is a modern design as compared with the traditional wood made tables. These tables give you the liberty to choose a colour of your liking because of the different fabric colour. The upholstery is covered with different kinds of clothing fabrics and can display different colours. So pick a colour of your choice that compliments the room décor.

A downside of the fabric coffee table is that it gets stained if some drinks spill over it. Coffee, wine and tea can leave some hard to remove stains on the fabric of the table.

On the good side, these small tables are padded even on the corners to make them risk-free from giving you some injury with their edgy corners.

The Ottoman Style

These tables in ottoman design are stylishly practical pieces of furniture. They offer some extra storing space inside them, playing their role to keep the room tidy. Different things can be stored in them like books, magazines, CDs etc.

They are padded and covered with a different kind of fabric to make you able to choose the colour of your choice according to the other room décor. The fabric come in different colour and range, from cotton to velvet, all kinds of fabrics are used in making this small but elegant piece of furniture. The deep buttoned design makes it look plushy and invites you to use it as an extra seat.

Extra Sitting Option

The upholstered coffee table is soft and plushy so it can also be used as an extra sitting option. If you are having some guests over and lack chairs or run out of traditional sitting options, then use your upholstered coffee table as an extra seating place for one or two guests depending on the size of the table.

Different Sizes

A coffee table is an ideal piece of furniture in spacious homes where you have enough space for an additional piece of furniture. They are available in different sizes, small sizes for small and fewer things and large sizes for more number of items to be placed on them.

The large size of these tables, besides serving as a coffee holder and for other things, can also hold a small vase in the centre of it which looks great in a bigger living room.

It makes a real statement to reflect your style sense. The deep buttoned upholstered design gives a luxurious look to your living style. Express your individuality by choosing from a variety of colours and fabrics to suit your abode.

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