Is it Worth Replacing Your Home Windows? (Pros Weigh In)

Is it Worth Replacing Your Home Windows? (Pros Weigh In)

There are no better means of adding exceptional value to your home than replacing your dated or malfunctioning windows. If you crave an attractive, safer, and energy-efficient home; then, consider some improvement options, and you will quickly realize that windows installations may be all you need. Modern windows enhance the appearance of your home when done correctly by professionals. Moreover, there’s no doubt that old and faulty windows are liabilities to a home. Windows with inadequate insulations account for 50% heat loss, and drafty windows will skyrocket your energy bills quickly.

Windows replacements offer your home adequate comfort by limiting noise from the outside. Furthermore, all-out windows improvement can significantly transform the appearance and feel of your home. So many homeowners consider window replacements when they want to upscale their home’s value and curb appeal. According to Remodelling Magazine, you can recoup approximately 70-80 percent of your home window replacement cost during resale.

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Will Window Replacements Increase my Home’s Value?

Undoubtedly, window replacements add extreme value to a home. An investment into windows’ remodeling is worth the cost. For instance, you can expect to recoup about 72% of your investment during your windows facelift. Homes with trendy windows are outstanding and tend to attract buyers pretty quickly when offered for sale. Bottom line: replace your worn-out and decaying windows frames with modern and fabulous designs, and you’ll instantly maximize your home’s values.

If the windows in your home are more than 15-20 years old, it’s a clear sign that they have surpassed their prime, and it will help if you consider replacing them quickly, as they may no longer be energy efficient anymore.

Window Replacements Can Add Value & Curb-Appeal

Unarguably, new windows can make a world of difference in your home. Old windows tend to leak more air and lose a lot of heat than new ones. Updating your windows offers numerous benefits. Besides energy efficiency, modern windows such as double-pane and triple-pane absorb more noise readily than old models.

New window installation stands highest on the scale of home improvement options. There’s an inherent joy with having new windows in your home. Quality windows improve your home’s natural light. What about curb appeal? Whether you’re planning to sell your house now or down the line, complete window replacements will make a significant impact on your home’s appearance and help attract buyers for your home quickly. It makes your home a pleasant place with the comfort of natural light and zero drafts.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace All The Windows In A House?

The cost of full-scale window replacements is dependent on varieties of variables, and material, size, and type are common factors that can typically impact price. According to HomeAdvisor, window installation costs between $2,950 and $9,324. On the other hand, labor costs $150 to $800. However, a single-window unit for standard sizes can cost from $300 to $1,200. Custom and bay, on average, cost $2000.

What is the Cost of Window Installation by Design?

A significant factor in the cost of window installation is design. For instance, single-hung, double-hung, fixed or picture, casement, sliding, and more cost differently. Below are the prices of windows by design.

  • Double-Hung: This window design costs between $150-$650. A striking feature of double-hung is that it allows both sashes to move up and down. More sophisticated models also allow the sashes to swing inward for easy cleaning.
  • Single-Hung: The typical cost of this specification is between $100-$650. In a single-hung, the sash is fixed in a location, and only the bottom sash moves up or down.
  • Fixed or Picture: These designs have one pane of glass and do not open. Their costs range from $65-$700.
  • Casement: The cost of casement windows is between$150-$1000. Since it can open from left or right with a hand crank, it can allow a complete opening for maximum ventilation.
  • Basement: The average cost of a basement window falls between $50-$650.
  • Bay: The average cost of this window type is between $600-$2,500.
  • Bow: Bow typically costs between $1,000- $4,500. It consists of five or more units creating a curved effect.
  • Sliding: The price of sliding ranges from $150-$800. It operates like a single-or double-hung type. However, it only moves horizontally rather than vertically.
  • Custom: Typically, custom windows are specially designed in custom sizes by the manufacturers to meet your specific needs. Their costs range from $500-$13,000.

Do Materials Affect the Costs of Windows?

Your choice of material affects the price as well as design. Window frames come from various materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and more.

Vinyl Windows Cost

Vinyl windows typically cost between $250-$600 and are highly durable. They are easy to maintain, and, also, variations in humidity don’t make them shrink or swell. However, they are not as sturdy or attractive as wood.

Wooden Windows

 The average cost of wood frames is $1,300. Wood frames require regular maintenance and can become susceptible to harsh elements if you fail to repaint and finish wood units.


On average, fiberglass price is $750, including installation. It tends to be more durable than vinyl with similar insulation properties.

Aluminum or Metal

The typical cost of an aluminum window is between $400 to $1,200. It cost more than vinyl and composite. However, aluminum windows don’t lend themselves to painting easily. And also, they don’t insulate well.


The cost of a composite window can range anywhere from $300 to $1,100. It comprises a mixture of polymer and wood fiber to create a sturdy and attractive frame.

What is the Average Labor Cost to Install Windows?

 Typically, labor costs between $30 to $50 per hour. Factors that impact labor are complex installation, old home, and custom work which might require up to 6 hours each. However, most contractors bid at a flat rate with labor inclusive.

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

Whether you will replace all your windows at once or retrofit them one at a time is primarily dependent on your budget. In other words, if you have financial flexibility, it will make sense for you to carry out an all-out windows update.

On the contrary, replace a handful of windows if you intend to do it on a shoestring budget. You should, first and foremost, replace the excessively worn-out windows at the front of the house for aesthetic purposes.

Window Replacements are a No Brainer!

Window replacements are worth every penny that goes into it. Upgrading to more energy-efficient windows helps you save on your utility bills. Moreover, homes with modern windows have more resale value. New windows improve your home’s curb appeal and guarantee adequate safety.