5 Incredible Futuristic Home Designs That Look Completely Unreal

5 Incredible Futuristic Home Designs That Look Completely Unreal

Five Extraordinary Otherworldly Home Designs

It’s hard to say what the world will be like in the future, most of us can only guess. It’s exactly the sort of thing, though, that is hot on minds of architects and engineers, and in the past decades there have been an increasing amount of incredibly innovative, and quite frankly alien-looking, futuristic homes being designed, and even built.

Royal Villa

Designed by the masterful Ukrainian architect, Dmitriy Kuznetsov, the Royal Villa is one of those incredible designs that can actually be found, and gawked at, in real life. Situated in Miami, Florida, this unique building, due to every aspect of its design and shape, has been turning heads since it was built in 2014.

Though clearly not intended for the everyday working class, the breathtaking design and innovative use of interior space, make it truly a sight to behold, and also a masterclass of modern architectural design and construction.

Zero House

The concept of the Zero House, designed by architect Specht Harpman, leans more towards the architectural discipline of simplicity and practicality. It is to be a compact, self-sufficient, prefabricated living unit, that can be easily assembled, and contains everything that a home generally needs, while creating a minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact.

With a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, and even a few outdoor patio areas, the Zero House is designed to support about four individuals, and to be hardy and weatherproof, run on solar-power, and also collect and store rain water.

Green House

The Green House, another futuristic design for an energy efficient home, is currently built and can be found in Beijing, China. This incredibly striking all-white future-home shares many ideas with the Zero House and other eco-friendly energy efficient home designs, though with an interior that most are only used to seeing in sci-fi movies.

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Designed by architect, Yang Mingjie, of the Yang Design architectural company, the Green House was built in 2018, and is designed to incorporate the use of light, water, and plants to create a serene, functional, hi-tech though low energy cost, living environment.

High Desert House

Out in the rocky hills of the Joshua Tree National Park in Colorado, USA, the High Desert House, looks like some sort of alien structure in an equally alien landscape. A modern masterpiece of organic architecture by master architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the house was built in stages, starting in 1988 and only completing in 2014. It is composed of 26 freestanding columns and enclosed by an unusual shell-like exterior. The incredible spiralling interior, largely made from solid rock and concrete, flows seamlessly together in a way that pictures can only begin to do justice.

The Forest House

Like the Zero House and Green House, the Forest House is likewise designed to be energy efficient and have minimal impact on the environment, much like playing at slotscanada.net.  Designed by Konrad Wojcik, this very strange-looking concept house takes inspiration from the A-frame architecture common in Scandinavian log cabins and houses, though with a few additional and curious design features, and is intended as a break-away alternative to urban home design.