Why Induction Stove Is Better Than Other Stoves


Even though science has proved that the induction stove is safer, faster, and more efficient than electric or gas stoves, people still have second thoughts when it comes to switching.

In the early 70s, even the new technology of microwave was suffering from the same issue, especially in western countries. It is because people don’t understand the science behind the microwave cooking.

That’s why we are going to discuss why the induction range or stove is the ideal choice.

  • Quick Response – The induction stoves can go from being very gentle from melting chocolate or butter to being powerful enough to boil 1 litre of water in a few minutes
  • Improvising For Completing Your Needs – Unlike the gas system, scientists and engineers are regularly working to improve and enhance induction technology. The visual and virtual flame is one of the best examples of it. Their visible flames support customers to have a clear vision of the pan’s heat.
  • More Efficient Than Gas Technology – Unlike a gas stove that uses only 40-55% generated heat, induction use up to 90℅ of the generated heat to cook your meal. This helps to keep your kitchen atmosphere more comfortable by making it a cooler and relaxed place to cook. As there are no open flames, It also decreases the risks of unexpected fire or burns.
  • Why Induction and Electric Range are different – Most of us don’t know the difference between induction and electric technology. However, induction cooking is slightly more identical to electric than gas in terms of controlling the stove. Yes, they both use the same outlet voltage of 220-240v; the temperature change depends on current adjustment. This is not the case with electric stoves, as they need time to reach a certain temperature range to start cooking.
  • Maintaining Induction Cooktops And Range Is Easier – People who are using gas technology know very well how costly it gets after buying it. While using induction, even safety is higher than utilizing a gas stove. The requirements of weight and space are also higher for the gas cooking system.

Which Is More Energy Efficient for Cooking: Gas or Induction?

Installing the components is also a challenging task to do in the case of a gas stove. LPG cylinder, gas pipe, regulator, burner/oven, all these additional essentials are also expensive.

In terms of comfortability and maintaining an induction technology, the gas stove stands a no chance against it.


Since people are getting aware of how beneficial this technology is, prices of cooktops and ranges are going down every day. This is a clear sign for those who have no clue about the term “induction” and why it is such a revolutionary move to implement in your kitchen and cooking lifestyle.

In short, maintenance is a fundamental element in determining and defining ease of handling all the parts used for cooking delicious food. More care means more headaches.

We all know that people are more familiar with gas stoves, but going with a plan of switching to the induction range will never disappoint you. If you search more about induction, you will find it more accessible to use than any other range that’s available in the market today.