Is A White Kitchen Outdated, Or “Evergreen”?

Is A White Kitchen Outdated, Or “Evergreen”?

A Surprising Amount Of Choices Are Out There Today

Kitchen design represents a fundamental aspect of your home’s overall value. However, it’s hard to know what is and isn’t of that “evergreen” variety. There are more things at play than simply the stylistic preferences of homeowners or communities. Decentralized internet and forced BYOD working environments have totally changed the game.

BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. It turns out the majority of mundane tasks defining traditional white-collar employment don’t really require employees to be at a physical office. They could just as well get their work done from home, and many do. Owing to the present pandemic, that trend has exponentially compounded nationally.

This means people of all tastes and backgrounds may look at your home even if you’re located in the boonies of Alaska. Granted, being amidst Alaskan tundra may exercise a slight limitation on the tastes of those looking at homes—the internet isn’t so good up there, either. Still. A wide range of tastes defines buyers today. So what’s going to be “evergreen”, and what isn’t?

Won’t there be a little bit of everything out there? Of course. But which kitchen designs are going to predominate most? Generally, there are going to be about four of them, and we’ll explore them all here—though by no means do these represent the totality of possible kitchen design options.

The “Wood Cabin” Look
Likely you’ve already got a mental image of this kitchen design. Warm wooden hues, perhaps a table carved out of a wide log and finished after a fine stain brings out its texture, wooden cabinets that look like they were carved right into the tree itself, dark knotholes, and wavy surfaces—this is a very classic design, and it stretches back to classic periods of Americana.

Many kitchens were designed with wooden tones back when this was a primary building material, and there weren’t a lot of other choices. Because new options developed that had a different expense defining them, trends shifted—but there’s always been something “cozy” about a wood-themed kitchen. So is it evergreen?

Well, not everybody likes such an approach to kitchen décor, but even though it’s 2020, this convention can still be found in virtually any community throughout the U.S. So yeah, this is a bit evergreen.

Stone Schemes

Stone kitchens stretch back to the castles of feudal England, and you’ll still encounter this convention now and again today. Generally, it won’t be a “full” stone kitchen; though some cabinets are lag-bolted right into the rock.

Maybe you put wood cabinets atop a granite counter, or something similar. Stone-themed kitchens have a “retro” feel and aren’t as common today. It’s probably not quite accurate to call them evergreen, but there’s still some popularity here. Also, it’s worth noting that not every surface in a kitchen following this motif needs to be actual stone; paint can be a surrogate.

Traditional White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker cabinets may be the most evergreen choice out there, though some home buyers won’t prefer this option.

Even so, these go with practically everything, they can be painted over to match wood or stone tones, and because of their popularity, they tend to be a bit more affordable than a lot of bespoke options. Check some out among these new pages from the Best Online Cabinets outlet.

Minimalist Modernism

It’s in the name: modernism. However, hold on a moment here. Because modernism has been a trending philosophy for a few generations now, it’s sort of becoming a “style” more than it has an expression of future trends. Since the sixties, “modernist” kitchens have been around. Oftentimes they incorporate a sort of “minimalist” vibe.

There will be exposed shelving, curved surfaces, and a lot of light-colored shine. Like the “wood” option explored on this list, minimalist modern kitchen design isn’t quite an evergreen solution. However, you can mix-and-match a lot easier with minimalist design. You could incorporate stone and modernism, or the white shaker cabinets mentioned earlier.

Determining Which Motif Best Fits Your Property

The neat thing about a white-themed kitchen is, you can spread that color scheme across a broad variety of styles. From minimalist modern design to stone or wood themes, it’s easy to imagine a couple of white shaker cabinets mixed in with the rest of the décor. That said, there’s also the option to completely design the kitchen with this sort of style.

Ultimately, the real factors that will determine which way you go here will have to do with the community you’re in, the stylistic décor of the rest of the house, and your own budget. Even so, if you’re not sure which way to go, white kitchen design represents almost a “default” setting for the kitchen. It’s to be expected, and there’s an evergreen quality to that expectation.

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