When to Upgrade your Sprinkler System

When to Upgrade your Sprinkler System

A golf course cannot survive without a functional irrigation system in place. To keep a golf course in excellent condition, regular water application is a must. That requires the use of efficient systems such as golf sprinklers for ease and convenience.

The increasing cases of water shortages across the world and high water costs create the need to come with efficient irrigation systems. Also, other parts of the world experience plentiful rainfall. However, Rain Bird golf sprinklers for sale use a mechanical system to water a golf course and that helps conserve water and prevent making a golf course damp.

Does your Golf Sprinkler Require Maintenance or Repair?

Just like other mechanical systems, sprinklers need routine maintenance and care. If you notice unusual signs with your golf sprinkler system, that’s a sign that it needs repair or replacement. If your sprinkler irrigation system is not in a pleasant condition, it will be hard to maintain a golf course in a vibrant condition.

Below are few warning signs that your Sprinkler system needs an upgrade;


To determine whether to replace or upgrade your sprinkler system, know its life cycle. Confirm how old it is and its life span and how many years it has left. If you replaced some parts and are still experiencing signs of damage and distress, that could only mean that the sprinkler system needs to be upgraded.


A sprinkler system can leak in several spots. That’s common in the older sprinkler systems and leads to water wastage. A leaking system cannot perform properly, not to mention that less water will reach the sprinkler valves and nozzles for watering. In that case, you can repair or replace the entire system. But that will depend on the extent of the damage.

Frequent Repairs

Occasional maintenance is crucial for a sprinkler system. It prolongs the lifespan of your system. However, repeated repairs and breakdowns are a sign that the system needs an upgrade.

Inflated Water Bills

If you’ve started paying hefty water bills, unlike in the past when your sprinkler system was new, that could mean that the system is not in perfect condition. Also, such problems can arise because of poor sprinkler system installation, leaking pipes, among other complications. Incredibly high water bills mean you need a new sprinkler system.

Outdated System

An outdated system can’t put up with the current demands. Current sprinkler repairs can’t help fix old and outdated valves, pipes, or water pressures. Ensure that your golf sprinkler system is up-to-date to keep up with the golf course or lawn water demands.

Why you Need an up-to-Date Sprinkler System;

  • It’s worth investing in an up-to-date sprinkler system for the following reasons;
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Keeps your lawn or a golf course vibrant
  • Creates a scenic environment around your home/ golf course

Finally, if you are not sure whether to replace or repair your sprinkler system, you can get in touch with skilled technicians to test your system.

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