Types Of Lawn Fertilizer

Types Of Lawn Fertilizer

You need to get a suitable type and form of lawn fertilizer in Winnipeg to feed your lawn at the right times of the year in order to get the most out of its growth potential. Each lawn necessitates varying fertilizer applications that rely on the types of grass and the time of year. The specialists at The Sodfather have the training, knowledge, and experience to decide the best fertilizing options for your lawn for each season.

Once we decide your lawn care needs, we can help you select which type of fertilizer is the most excellent for your situation from the following options:

  • Time-Release Fertilizer – Too much nitrogen is applied to the lawn at one time can result in too much top-growth and damage the soil below. Time-release fertilizer hinders the availability of nitrogen over a prolonged duration, making sure the lawn sustains its fullness and colour for weeks after each treatment.
  • Gradual-Release Fertilizer – This is the type of lawn fertilizer in Winnipeg that promotes steady growth by allowing the roots of the plants to harvest necessary nutrients as required. Releasing nutrients little by little lessens the possibilities of causing harm to the grass, the soil underneath, and surrounding ecosystems.
  • Granular Fertilizer – This is the type of fertilizer that comes in small pellets that are ground or watered into the soil of the lawn. When it comes to fertilizing grassy areas and large lawns, granular fertilizers comes out to be the best choice. This kind of fertilizer comes in slow-release, controlled-release, and quick-release formulas depending on the particular lawn care needs.
  • Liquid Lawn Fertilizer – Applying liquid lawn fertilizer at the correct times all the way through the year helps grass to become stronger and a lush, green lawn. Plants absorb liquid fertilizer quickly through the leaves and down to the roots to make sure all areas of the lawn grow completely and in an even manner.

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