What You Need for a Smooth Moving Day

What You Need for a Smooth Moving Day

If you are moving, whether downsizing or upsizing, it would be best if you planned well beforehand. Moving is one of the most exhausting activities, and doing so without help can be daunting. Aside from hiring movers, you’ll probably need to use junk removal services.

You would wonder what the need to hire junk removal services is, when you are just moving. Well, as you move to another residence, you’ll discover that you have plenty of junk in your current home. Moving with this junk would be a self-defeating idea.

Don’t let clutter destroy your excitement to move to another space. Move out day often has chaos all over it, but not if you get the right professionals to help. Here’s what you need for a smooth moving day:

Proper Packing

A night or several days before the move, pack all your staff safely. It would be best to separate the fragile, valuable and essential assets from the rest. Besides, your first night after moving will be a lot easier if you have all essentials in an accessible place. Some of the basics to pack together in an accessible carton include the following:

  • Soap
  • A few towels
  • Light bulbs
  • Garbage bags
  • Tooth brushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Changing clothes

Also, you’ll still need to use beddings on the eve to the move day. Therefore, you can set aside huge cartons for packing them in the morning. Since most beddings are bulky, make sure that the cartons you set aside can hold all of them. Preferably, use six-cubed cartons, and tape the bottoms well. This helps to save time in the morning, as you’ll simply throw your beddings inside and wait for the movers.

You’ll need to Schedule Your Move

As hinted in the intro, it would really help if you planned for the move. People don’t just wake up and decide to move to another residence. Make sure that the new property you plan to move to is ready to host you.

Also, inform the officials in your new residence of the dates you plan to move. You wouldn’t want to pay the movers a waiting charge as you seek to gain access to the property. Confirm where the keys are even before moving to the property.

Another important factor to consider is whether the residence is empty by the time you want to move into it. For instance, it doesn’t make sense moving in on the same day the sellers are moving out. It’ll bring unnecessary confusion, which you can avoid.

Junk Removal Services

However much you think you don’t need to use junk rental services, its importance is evident. You’ll probably want to leave the house you’re in in fairly good shape and order. It wouldn’t be a good idea to leave all your junk all over the place. After all, you found it clean, and should, therefore, leave it so.

This is more of an ethical and good behavioral practice than it is legal. Yes, nobody will probably arrest you if you leave your clutter all over your now ‘old home.’ Nonetheless, out of typical human decency, it wouldn’t be a good show to do this.

Once you have emptied the house of all your items, you can organize a light cleaning. Whether you’ll do it yourself, or hire a cleaning service is your choice. You’ll use junk removal services to collect all of the junk left behind.

Some moving companies can even recommend their pre-vetted cleaners that will tag along them on the moving day. In good faith and appreciation of your former residence, this is a worthy thing to do. It doesn’t have to be deep cleaning, but simple light cleaning will go a long way.

Packing Assistance

If at all you find this step onerous (which many do anyway), then you can leave it to the pros. Ask anyone that has packed items for a whole house, and you’ll discover how exhausting the process can be. Besides, you’ll want everything, including your most fragile items, to arrive in one piece. The fragile items, to be more precise, take the most time to pack. Therefore, why not hand this daunting process to seasoned experts?

Make a List of All the Things You Need To Do

Moving has its fair share of stress and confusion. It is easy to forget important things you need to do before and during the move-out. Thus, it would be best if you made a list of all things you need to do beforehand. Did you contrat junk removal services? What about the junk and clutter? Have you remembered to clear the fridge and freezer?

While your entire focus shifts to packing, it becomes impractical to keep tabs with the small things. However, these small things can frustrate your moving day to a great extent. When you create a list of everything you’ll need to do, you’ll get everything ready on time.

Have a Tip for the Movers

Tipping is a standard practice across different industries, including movers. Tipping movers is not mandatory, but would resonate well with them. It doesn’t have to be a lot. You can spare some little change for this, especially if they do a great job.

It won’t be easy tipping the movers using a credit card or check. Therefore, you’ll need to get some loose cash to do this.

Final Thoughts

Moving is arguably one of the most frustrating activities in life. But at some point, you’ll probably need to do it anyway. These tips can help you have a smoother move-out. Also, don’t forget to use junk removal services on the D-day.