Solutions For Common Outdoor Furniture Mistakes

Outdoor Furniture

Buying outdoor furniture is always exciting but slightly daunting, especially if it’s your first time purchasing an outdoor setting. Before you start your shopping, take the time to map out your outdoor space and carefully decide which pieces you need and where you would like them to go. It is important to invest in good quality furniture that will withstand the outdoor conditions all year round. Here are common mistakes people make when purchasing their new furniture and our easy recommendations on how to create an outdoor setting that will last.

Cheap Furniture Will Cost You More 

It’s easy to fall for a cheap price tag when it comes to buying outdoor furniture. Furniture on the cheaper side can tend to be poorly designed and made. Look for furniture made from good quality materials that will last such as teak, aluminium and stainless steel. It’s important to invest in good quality furniture that will last you much longer as you won’t have to replace this every year. Ensure you’re purchasing pieces that have some weight to them so they won’t blow over during windy days leaving your garden and outdoor living space in complete chaos.

Materials May Not Match Your Outside Environment 

There are a wide range of outdoor materials for you to choose from for your outdoor area. Some of these materials include teak, stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum. Each material performs better in certain climates. This is about what is most suited to your environment. If your furniture isn’t protected on a patio then you will need stronger durable materials to ensure it remains in place. For furniture out in the open look for pieces made from stainless steel as this is heavier and is likely not to blow over.

Keep in mind this can get extremely hot when left in the sun so make sure you have a cover on this before letting your guests sit down. If you love the look of natural materials such as teak, keep in mind you won’t get longevity out of these if left out in the rain. Save your teak pieces for under the patio where they are protected.

If you fall in love with a particular piece, check what it’s made from to make sure you have the appropriate place for it so it will last for seasons to come.

Check The Legs 

When you’re looking for chairs make sure the legs are appropriate for where you are planning on placing this furniture. Often patio spaces have gaps between the wood or material it’s made from. Make sure you’re not placing pieces of furniture with skinny legs on surfaces where they can get stuck. These chairs also have a tendency to sink so keep them off any wet or uneven lawn. Look at purchasing sturdy durable chairs with wider legs for your patio and lawn.

Unwanted Furniture 

It’s easy to go a little overboard when purchasing furniture with a wide range of pieces to choose from in the market. The last thing you want is excess furniture taking over the lawn and patio. This can make your outdoor living space look extra small and cluttered.

So before purchasing, think about if you will actually use it. There are many extra furniture “ad ons” available which can pull you in, be realistic and think about how often you will ever use these. Another question to ask yourself is if this will be easy to clean. There is nothing worse than sitting in grubby furniture or spending hours cleaning extra pieces you rarely use.

Faded Fabrics 

Furniture such as upholstered couches and deck chairs require constant maintenance. The fabrics will be required to be washed on a regular basis. Some covers and fabrics will fade over time. It’s important to remember this before purchasing. Speak to an expert and do your research to make sure you’re purchasing fabrics that will survive all the weather conditions. Make sure the accessories you have your eye on are actually designed for outdoor living. If you’ll be leaving cushions outside for a long period of time make sure these are made from waterproof fabrics otherwise they will have a very short lifespan quickly developing mold.

It’s all about finding furniture that will enhance your garden and Summer experience. A few good quality key pieces are what you need. The furniture that you choose should add to your outdoor experience not detract from it. Hopefully by reading this guide, it will assist you in choosing the right kind of furniture to create the perfect outdoor oasis.