Remodel Your Bathroom with These 7 Over The Toilet Shelf Ideas

Remodel Your Bathroom with These 7 Over The Toilet Shelf Ideas

The space above your toilet can be ideal for placing a small storage cabinet or a set of open shelves to maximize the space of your bathroom. This is very efficient for limited bathroom spaces since it will only take much space as the toilet. Over the toilet storage is reasonable, space-saving, and super customizable.

Since a bathroom is considered a room for personal hygiene activities, then it is a necessity to monitor its organization and cleanliness. Besides, it does more than its function. It plays a major role in setting the mood for the rest of your home. For certain, accenting the bathroom design with candles, artwork, and matching towels can be just an additional touch for the look and feel of the room.

In this article, we will show you some great ideas for over-the-toilet shelves that will match the theme of your room.

1.  Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are also designed as suspended shelves that make it an excellent piece for over the toilet storage in the sense that they come with different shapes and styles and need to be secured to a wall or any other required surface. But the key feature that sets floating shelves apart from fixed bracket shelves and makes them a more recommended option over the other is that unlike in fixed shelves where the nails and screws used to attach the shelf to the wall are exposed, the fixing equipment is hidden in floating shelves. And so it seems like floating since all you can see are the woods attached to the wall.

A winning feature about this is that it does not require much space that makes it perfect for rooms that are short on square footage. This can also be a place for candles together with bathroom essentials. These floating shelves will also let you add your taste since you can add your favorite plant or vase.

2.  Ladder Shelving System

One of the most creative and stylish storage ideas is the ladder shelves because it won’t cause you any hassle to build your store and just let it stand on the behind of the toilet. It can vary from different colors depending on the theme of your bathroom. This is also a cool way to organize extra towels in the bathroom. It does not need any installation operation. You can simply anchor it to the wall for safety and stability.

3.  Single Open Shelf

Unlike using closed cabinets, open shelving will save you more money. However, you will only be limited to a few pieces you can place on the shelves. But it will be more pleasing to the eyes since installing cabinets looks bulky and heavy above the toilet.

Installing open shelves can be a substitute for storage if you have not yet decided which storage you are to install.

4.  Industrial Floating Shelves

The industrial floating shelf is perfect for a vintage, outdoor, and dauntless design that will add elegance as decorative wall shelves in your bathroom and can also be used as floating display shelves in your home or office.

Because of its retro design, together with its finish colors, everyone that sees these decorative floating shelves will be in awe. This type of floating shelf is versatile to every room like beside your fireplace, as floating bookshelves in your bedroom, even used as floating storage shelves in your kitchen or coffee bar.

5.  Rectangular 3 Tier Open Glass Shelves

While glass shelves are nowhere as sturdy as wooden shelves, they are an equally admired material for shelving systems in the house because of their visual appeal.

Glass shelves are commonly used as a piece in modern bathrooms because they are the ideal choice for bearing lightweight loads and providing a shiny and elegant touch because of the reflection of light. This is also an ideal piece to place varying ornaments and small vases to beautify the interiors of the bathroom.


Installing bathroom shelves over the toilet is a very efficient way of saving spaces while making sure that you keep your essentials organized in one place. This is an innovative design instead of having a separate cabinet in the bathroom that might take much of the space. It can do the same function of holding essentials like towels, shampoo, toothbrushes while adding some accents like plants or candles to give it an accent.

In this article, different over the toilet shelves are presented for you to choose from. This is a great help for you in deciding which storage shelf will fit your bathroom since it was sorted out already from the most favorite pieces. In case you want to take a look at a variety of designs, just visit Make sure to share this article with your friends and interior designer!