Clutter in Garage: Best 7 Organization Ideas for Your Garage

Clutter in Garage: Best 7 Organization Ideas for Your Garage

Having a garage is an excellent addition to your house, especially if you own a vehicle. It can protect your car from weather elements such as rain, wind, or snow and keep it away from the sun’s hot rays.

You can also use the garage as a storage room since it offers ample space for cleaning items, gardening essentials, and other unused items. However, it can be easy to pile up clutter in your garage space, and it happens before you even realize it.

Thankfully, it is possible to keep your garage away from the clutter by investing in storage containers and doing some DIY work. We will list below our seven best garage organization ideas that would change its overall look and make it easier for you to clean afterward.

Let’s get started!

Organization Ideas for Your Garage

From installing store-bought holders to decorating your storage, we’ve got your back! Here are our seven garage organization ideas that would indeed make your space look cleaner and neater.

1. Maximise Storage Space with Slatwall Panels

A Slatwall Panel is an excellent way to maximize your space since you can install these on your garage’s wall. It allows you to install hooks, baskets, and tool holders that you can use to put your unnecessary items in the house.

However, it can be hard to install Slatwall Panels all by yourself. We recommend you research and consult a professional first before investing in Slatwall Panels. But if you are on a tight budget to pay for an expert, you may watch YouTube videos as an alternative instead.

2. Mason Jars for Leftover Paints

Got any leftover paint that you’ve used for painting the house and have no idea where you can store this item? Well, why not use Mason jars to reduce clutter in your garage space?

Simply pour your leftover paint into the jar and put them in your cabinet. You can get cheap Mason jars in any dollar or school supply store. Perfect for those who are looking for affordable garage organization ideas.

3. Wall Racks to Organize Your Bicycles

Do you have a bicycle? You can install a wall rack to keep your bike in your garage instead of placing them beside your car since it may not be a convenient way to keep the bicycle. It can result in damage if not taken care of properly, especially with the clutter.

There are various kinds of wall racks that are fit for every bicycle type. You don’t have to worry about whatever type of frame your bicycle has since it can accommodate any bike style.

4. Large Hooks to Organize Your Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are convenient for travel. It is easy to set up, and voila! You have something to sit down on while resting along the way on your trip. However, it can be tiresome as to where you should store them when not in use. You thought it is impossible to put it inside your house, so you placed it in your garage. But, it ended up causing clutter in your garage space instead of storing it neatly.

Thankfully, the large hooks save the day. Attach the two large hooks to your garage wall and ensure that the chair fits when you place it on the hook. Fold and store the chairs in an upside-down position to keep your garage neat and clean.

5. Store Your Decorations in A Canvas Storage Bag

Do you have any canvas bags that you do not use anymore? Well, why not utilize these and store your decorations in your garage? Canvas bags may vary in size, but they should be large enough to store your decorations inside the bag. It also helps protect your decorations from the dirt and damage they may get when you place them inside your garage space.

So what kind of decorations should you store in a canvas bag? You can put in your Christmas ornaments (such as Christmas light or Bauble), Halloween costumes, Birthday decorations, and other things you see fit.

6. Utilizing The Garage Corners and Make It into A Storage Space

Are there any scrap plywoods that you can use around your place? If so, you can utilize the plywood and craft shelves on your garage’s corner space. You can also paint and decorate your corner shelves in any way you like, excellent if you’re following a specific theme in your garage.

Make sure to support your corner shelves with cleats, a strip of wood, or metal that attaches the plywood in place. This DIY project is excellent for storing your spray paints, lubricating oil, cleaning solvents, and any other object that can fit on the shelves.

7. Wall-Hanging Storage Bag for Your Miscellaneous Items

Wall-hanging storage refers to the type of holder with multiple pockets, which you can use to put in your various items. People commonly use this to store things in their bedrooms, but why not utilize and place it in your garage space to organize your stuff?

If you’ve got small tools such as gardening shears, scissors, and such, you may want to put a wall-hanging storage bag in your garage. You can find this item easily at your local store at an affordable price. There are also online platforms that sell this kind of storage on the internet.

Final Words

A garage space can be an excellent addition to your house but keep in watch of your clutter. We hope that you’ve liked these seven organizational ideas and apply these to your garage as well. For more inspiration, you can also check out!