Infinity Tower, 5th Tallest Building in Africa

Infinity Tower, 5th Tallest Building in Africa

Investors who are looking for administrative units always seeking for the best business location. Infinity Developments designed Infinity Tower New Capital at the most desirable place all over The New Capital at the CBD, with a view over Ben Zayed Axis, The Central Park and The Olympic City.

Infinity Tower is the tallest administrative building in Egypt and the 5th in Africa. the tower was developed by Infinity Developments which has been working in the field for more than 40 years.

Here in this article, we will mention the most important information, such as the location, prices, payment systems and the services.

Infinity Tower is located at the CBD and near to The Presidential palace, ambassadors’ district, The Green River, The Iconic Tower, Vera Tower, East Tower, Cathedral building, The Opera, GUC, The School Complex and close to The New Capital Airport.

Infinity Tower height is 200 meter which is taller than The Pyramids and Cairo Tower. Infinity Mall New Capital is divided into 5 underground floors for parking beside 31 floors including commercial and administrative units. The 1st, 3rd floors and the roof are specialized for commercial units. Administrative units start from the 3rd floor and reach the last floor.

 Infinity Tower Prices and Areas

  • The administrative units’ that overlook The Iconic Tower and The Green River are 260 – 520 – 780 square meters, Infinity Tower Prices for these units start from 52,400 EGP per square meter.
  • The administrative units’ areas with The Central Park, The Olympic Village and the Residential District view are 195 – 390 – 585 – 780 square meters, the prices of these units start from 43,600 EGP per meter.

After 45 years, Africa has a new tallest building - The Mail & Guardian

Reservation and Payment Systems

There are different payment systems for the ambitious investors, such as

  • There is a system to pay 5% as a down payment and the rest of the amount can be paid over 5 years as equal installments.
  • Also, you can pay 10% as a down payment from Infinity Tower’s units value and the rest of the amount can be paid over 6 years as equal installments.
  • Pay 15% as a down payment and the rest of the amount can be paid over 7 years as equal installments.
  • The last system is paid over 8 years as equal installments and a 20% down payment.

There Are A Lot Of Services And Facilities Within The Mall

  • There are 14 panoramic elevators and a lot of escalators within Infinity Tower.
  • New advanced firing system for emergency.
  • There is a high security system for more safety.
  • Also, there is kids’ area and GYM within Infinity mall to serve the all the families.
  • Infinity Tower is the 1st building in The New Capital which is certified from LEED as one of the most used green areas for a building in the world.
  • the tower New Capital contains conference rooms and a VIP hall.
  • There are elegant restaurants and cafes in the mall.
  • The landscape and green area are surrounding the tower and giving infinity mall the best view.

Downsides of Infinity Tower New Capital

Infinity Tower is designed according to international specifications as an administrative Tower including only commercial and administrative units. Some of investors consider this as a downside but Infinity Tower New Capital includes commercial and administrative units because the tower is specialized as an administrative building.