7 Facts about Cat Tattoos That Will Make You Amazed

7 Facts about Cat Tattoos That Will Make You Amazed

Cat tattoos have been around for a long time. This is because so many people love them. After all, cats are cute, and they want to show that love with a tattoo. Of course, tattoos can represent many things, not just animals, but it is easy to see why so many people enjoy having the image of a cat permanently inked onto their skin.

In this blog post, we will go over a few facts about cat tattoos that will make you amazed; hopefully, you’ll be inspired to get one by the end of reading this article.

Cat Tattoos Can Take A Long Time And Be Very Painful.

The first fact is that it takes a while to get a cat tattoo. It will probably hurt, but the pain might not matter too much if you are getting one for the right reason (because you love cats). Cat tattoos range in price depending on where you go; typically at least $100+.

The Number One Place People Get Cat Tattoos Is On Their Back.

The second fact about cat tattoos is that the most common location for them to be tattooed at, according to statistics, is an individual’s lower back or neck area. This may seem odd since cats are cute and cuddly animals, but there isn’t any other part of a person’s body where it would look as good.

Cat Tattoos Are A Popular Choice For Women.

The third fact about cat tattoo is that it has become very popular amongst female individuals because they can be drawn in such a way to look elegant and feminine. Also, there isn’t another animal out there that would go better on the back of a woman than a Cat.

Cats have always been considered “feminine” animals, so it makes sense why this trend has continued over time since their popularity began rising within society.

Cat Tattoo Designs Can Range From Realistic To Cartoonish.

The fourth fact about cat tattoos is that there are so many different styles and looks for them. Traditional color schemes such as black, grey, or white on a person’s skin look great, but if you want something more than just the traditional style, then you have plenty of options to choose from too.

For example, a person could get a cute little cartoon-style kitty face inked onto their shoulders which would be unique and fun looking. There aren’t any limits when it comes to Cat Tattoos because they represent a variety of things, including love, femininity & cuteness; everybody has their preferences out there, though, so don’t let what others think to influence your decision.

Cat Tattoos Are Often Done In American Traditional, Neo-Traditional & Blackwork Styles.

The fifth fact about Cat Tattoos is that most people choose one of three different types when they get their new ink, each with its unique style and look. The first type is called “American traditional,” which has a classic appearance with heavy black outlines and vivid color-filled designs within the tattoo itself (usually orange or purple).

Next up, we have what some artists refer to as “neo-traditional,” which uses softer lines but still keeps a darker feel overall compared to other cat tattoos out there. Finally, we have blackwork that gives off an edgier vibe by using very dark grey/black colors throughout while still keeping the cats colorful and bright like other styles.

Cat Tattoos Are Symbolic Of Many Different Things, Including Femininity, Playfulness & Love.

The sixth fact about Cat Tattoos is that they can symbolize various things depending on the person getting them and their meaning. For example, a woman could get a cat tattoo because it reminds her of how much she loves cats, or perhaps another reason would be because it represents something else entirely.

Some people think these animals represent femininity while others feel like they signify playfulness; everyone views them differently, so there aren’t any wrong reasons out there to go under the needle for this animal if you want one badly enough.

Cat Tattoos Don’t Necessarily Have To Be Black Inked.

The seventh fact about Cat Tattoos is that they can look great with various color schemes. Most people stick to the traditional colors like black, grey, or white, but if you want something more colorful, go for it.

For example, you could get an orange cat tattoo on your inner arm, which would make it stand out nicely against your skin tone, and lastly, we have another popular style that uses pastel colors such as pink & yellow/white looks very cute too.


There are many facts about Cat Tattoos, including how they can symbolize femininity, playfulness & love depending on the person getting them. They also come in a variety of different styles and colors, so it’s best to consider all your options before you go for it.

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