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According to the experts of the WirefyShop, heat shrink butt connectors are made of transparent polyolefin with an inner layer of hot melt adhesive to protect the connections from water and corrosion. Heat shrink wire connectors provide good connection and protection of electrical connections and are resistant to vibration. The body of the connector sleeve is made of high purity copper, which ensures high conductivity. As practice shows, heat shrink connectors provide longer connection protection, easier and lower costs of installation, and are more reliable than a conventional crimp terminal.

Today anyone can buy reliable heat shrink connectors from The range of products is wide enough, and the prices are quite affordable. Read below about the main characteristics of self-solder connectors that are put up for sale on the specified website.

Basic Characteristics of Heat Shrink Electrical Connectors

The main features of heat shrink connectors include the following:

  • Heat shrink bullet connectors correspond to all established European standards;
  • Spade connectors have a double-walled structure: polyolefin tubes on the outside as well as hot melt adhesive on the inside;
  • Wire gauge imprint on butt heat shrink wire connectors with an identification of the color;
  • Perfect translucency provides the highest tensile strength and makes visual inspection possible;
  • Heat shrink splice connectors provide a waterproof seal.

Why and Who Needs Heat Shrink Connectors?

Heat shrink crimping connectors are generally used to connect copper-stranded wires of the same or different diameters. They are ordered by auto repair shops, manufacturing plants, assembly shops. And also those who are engaged in the maintenance of electronics at home.

Each insulated compound withstands:

  • Voltage up to 690 V;
  • Temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius. But the performance is maintained down to -50 degrees Celsius;
  • Exposure to moisture and solvents. This further enhances the security of the connection.

Lowes heat shrink connectors are indispensable in the process of repairing the auto-wiring of cars, machine tools, cars, etc. They may be stored in an unheated depot, as well as near heating equipment.

How to Use Heat Shrink Connectors Correctly?

Having purchased marine grade heat shrink connectors from online platform, you should know what a heat shrink connector tool is. So, the sleeve is put on one of the wires to be connected. After that, the contacts are cleaned and fluffed. They are connected so that the ends go into each other with veins. The wire crimp connector then moves to the connection point. Make sure that the contacts fit into the solder ring.

For the next step, you will need a gas burner. Warm up the solder evenly until it melts. And then the main part of the sleeve, moving from the center. When the glue melts, it will reliably seal the soldered area and ensure a tight seal. No weak point is formed during installation.

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