A Hand Guide to Medic First-aid

A Hand Guide to Medic First-aid

Medic first aid is an emergency care center course for training programs regarding the industry, business, and society. The medic first aid course has educated and offered authenticated emergency care and first aid contributors in the general industry and business. It is a global leader in CPR/AED and has served the public and industries since 1978.

About  Medic First Aid Course

This basic plus course is an integrated adult AED, CPR, and first aid training project exclusively designed for the occupational first aid contributor. Through this program, employers would meet OSHA and also other federal and state regulatory demands. It is a very workable program for training employees to acknowledge and care for emergencies at medical work.

This first aid program fulfills the 2015 AHA update for ECC and CPR also the 2015 AHA, ARC guidelines update for the first aid. This training program is perfectly acceptable for occupational first aid providers and who are not professional rescuers and not health care providers.

This course is known worldwide. The training programs are recognized worldwide by government institutions, corporations, and associations to meet the regulatory needs and requirements for work area safety and health. It is the course that covers all CPR, basic first aid, and emergency care skills recommended by first aid trainers and expert people who offer the best quality service training everywhere in India.

It focuses on the key features of a first aid provider following the legitimate responsibilities of a company. This personnel is trained enough to recognize a medical emergency and to offer general encouraging first aid care.

What to Expect from  Medic First-Aid Course:

These CPR trainers are experienced enough for years of educating and using this knowledge to form a well relaxed and efficient training session. The material is given in multiple forms throughout the course, covering lectures, Audio with video, and more heads-on. They always motivate students to share their real-life experiences to encourage others and to create an importance of life-saving training of MFA/CPR.

The limited class size is 12 students, which allows the two-person teams to co-operate and work through multiple topics and scenarios, right from 1 CPR -2 person CPR and a vast range of injury situations. The training room environment is well relaxed, carpeted, and engaging for all who are invited.

MEDIC First Aid International Certificate and Courses:

This course is highly acceptable to fulfill the requirements internationally—certificate programs by a wide range of professional institutions and councils. The first-aid international certificate program is equal to the ARC and AHA by various state regulatory authorities and the Department of Homeland United States Coast Guard.


It is the best training program; one can opt for because it serves the best services internationally with its emergency care training program. They also play a vital role in helping students gain enough knowledge through well-experienced and well-expertise instructors. Through training guides, students can avail themselves of medic first aid courses of excellent expertise free of cost.