Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Hand sanitisers are available in many different forms. It is possible to come across products in bag sizes, half-liter bottles for use in large areas or 5-liter filling convenience.

While using these products, it is absolutely necessary to contact the bottle. However, the automatic sanitiser dispenser produced by the TouchAustralia company eliminates this problem.

Automatic sanitiser dispenser with a capacity of 1.2 liters reduces the contact to the minimum level or even zero during sterilization. Thanks to its sensor feature, it allows you to get a certain amount of liquid or foam disinfectant when you bring your hand close.

It allows you to protect and maintain the health of you and the people around you by keeping them in visible places in areas such as home, workplace and office.

Automatic sanitiser dispenser , which provides convenience during filling, does not have to deal with you constantly with its 1.2 liter volume.

The battery-operated product has the ability to pump up to 30,000 times during its battery life. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it provides freedom in the field of use.

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The pandemic period that we have entered in recent years has led to the need for innovations in the field of personal hygiene and sterilization. For this reason, the TouchAustralia company continues to launch products for these needs.

There are two types of hand disinfectants produced by the company, liquid and foam. Both products suitable for use in automatic disinfectant dispensers. You can get affordable and long-term use by choosing from disinfectant products offered for sale in 5-liter bottles.

You can reach all the products of the company and detailed information about the products on the TouchAustralia website. After visiting the site and adding the products you need to the basket, you can complete your shopping with secure payment methods. The delivery of the products is delivered as soon as possible depending on the cargo process. At this stage, your products are under the guarantee of the company, and you can contact them for any problem.