10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a personal space that reflects your personality and identity. We begin our day with our room’s environment and the energies that it reflects. So, your bedroom requires personalised decor in accordance with your needs and comfort. Speaking the language of your soul bedroom is a vital part of the house. Emulating your personality by designing your bedroom is an art that needs a lot of skills. Some ways to decorate your bedroom and make it more lively and attractive are:

1. Make Your Bed More Comfortable


Comfortability is one of the necessities of a bedroom. The bed is the main character of your bedroom, so selecting a perfect bed is an essential step while decorating your bedroom. So adding the right mattress and pillows will guarantee you peaceful nights of sleep and peaceful sleep shapes your overall life. Including a memory foam mattress and comfortable pillows with a cosy comforter will make your bedroom warmer and comfortable. Bedsheets are essential in fabricating the look and feel of the room, also enhancing the comfort level of your room. Bedsheets and bedcovers should be in contrast with the colours of walls and curtains.

2. Working On Your Walls


Walls add life to your room and fabricate the vibe of a room. Hence, embellishing walls will bring a whole new look to your bedroom. The walls have a markable impact on creating a look of your room, so colours and texture can make your room look cosy and warm, while others may give a spacious feel.  You can always find ways to personalise it more. Either by creating an art piece that resonates with your soul, or you can add an eye-appealing wallpaper. You can also create texture walls with paint. Plain painted walls will give a classy and smooth look to your room.

3. Curtains


Curtains beautify the room by contrasting with the whole room. Curtains make your room more vibrant and add a dramatic feel to the overall space. Curtains are an essential element added to enhance the look of the room. Adding bold colours with light walls or adding sheer curtains giving it a subtle look and feel.  While selecting curtains, one should keep in mind a few points:

  • Choose a fabric that enhances your view
  • Hang lined curtains to reduce light leakages
  • Choose curtains in contrast to your walls

4. Create a Gallery


You can create a photo gallery in your room that will add a touch of personalisation to your room. A photo gallery will add a story to your room. Pictures will make your room more interactive and build a connection between you and your space. Beautiful framed photos will also enhance the look of your wall. You can design a whole wall into a photo gallery, which will evoke a sense of emotion in the room. You can also hang art pieces with which you resonate, giving an artistic and lively feel to your room.

5. Lights


Lights give an ambience and help in developing an aura for a room. In a bedroom, layering lights throughout the room enhances the look. You can do light layering for your room, with ambient, task and accent lightings. We need to find the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting. This balance will help you create the lighting for any mood and any activity with the flick of a switch. You can add candles or night lamps to your room, creating a beautiful night ambience.

6. Accessorising


Accessorising your bedroom is an essential step to transform your bedroom into an art piece. You can add a side table that matches the furnishing of the room. You can also add a lounger or reading table in your room to make it accessible for everything. Adding small elements like mirrors and plants can really create a difference in the look and feel of your bedroom. Accessorising reduces the white space in the room and increases the proximity, which makes it look snug.

7. Creating a Corner


Designing a cosy corner will provide you with space for anything. You can read a  book, have a cup of coffee, or it can be your thinking space. The personalised corner of a room always adds a touch of familiarity to your bedroom. You can decorate that corner with seating, lights, a rug and cushions, making it cosy and warm.

8. Seating Area


You can create a seating area near the window that beautifies the view and let you enjoy the pleasant weather and scenery while sipping a cup of tea. A seating area near the window allows any guest to sit in any place other than the bed, giving it a whole new appearance.

9. Adding a Dressing Area


The dressing area is an important feature of a bedroom. Designing a dressing area with some storage and a perfect mirror will beautify you and your room. You can add elements to your dressing area like, a beautiful table that has storage for your products and seating in front of the mirror. A good idea is to choose one with plenty of drawer space and buy drawer dividers to keep things organized.

10. Incorporating a Chest of Drawers


A chest will work both as a storage and table to add elements like plants, flowers and showpieces. You can also put a clock on your chest. Select a chest that goes with other furnishings of the room.

Decorating your bedroom is like ornamenting a part of you. Bedrooms are always a private affair, and wanting them to be comforting, warm and personalised is not too much to ask for. The decor of your room defines the energy and the environment you want to reside in, so it is important to be selective about how you want to design each and every corner of your room.