Will Power Washing Services Damage Your Siding & Surfaces?

Will Power Washing Services Damage Your Siding & Surfaces?

Suppose you’re wondering whether power washing services can damage the siding & surfaces of your home. The answer is no as long as you hire a professional power washer to complete the work. Contacting a power washing servicing company to wash various surfaces of your home can help blast away dirt debris and many other contaminants.

However, if you’re like many other homeowners who are do-it-yourself enthusiasts, make sure you don’t try doing it yourself. Doing power washing on your own can damage your home’s siding, and if you’re not careful, you can damage parts of the structure surface such as brick chimney faces, roofing shingles, and exterior glass. But using expert power washing is an excellent way any homeowner can maintain siding in good condition and protect it from damage.

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Potential Dangers of Power Washing Your Home Yourself

Remember that a power washer is a powerful tool that sprays water at higher pressure to clean up large and sturdy surfaces like buildings, roads, and farm equipment. But due to its efficacy, many homeowners are faced with the temptation of power washing their home exteriors themselves. But, consider yourself warned, the pressure of power washing is immense, which means that there are risks if not done correctly. The chances you should expect when you do it yourself are:

  • A power washer can give you severe wounds due to the intense spray that might appear minor. As we all know, injuries that seem minor can make you delay treatment.
  • A fast and robust power wash spray can throw objects that can strike and injure you or any person who’s close by.
  • There’s the risk of electric shock if the power washer isn’t used correctly, especially when safety instructions are not followed.
  • Possible carbon monoxide poisoning when you use gasoline-powered engines.
  • There’s the risk of stripped paint on your home or fence
  • Risk of having shredded window screens
  • The risk of having loose and dented vinyl siding
  • The risk of having open brickwork from cut mortar
  • There’s the risk of damaging the seals on windows, which will result in clouding and water damage.
  • There’s also the risk of splintered or cracked wood.

These are all the potential risks of DIY power washing. However, if the potential risk of damaging your home’s structure isn’t enough for you, why don’t you consider the potential damage it might cause to your body? In case you don’t know, thousands of injuries and deaths are attributed to power washing every year.

All these injuries and deaths come from irresponsible use. Most do-it-yourself enthusiasts try to control the power washer wand as they try to maintain balancing, which is an accident that must happen. It would help if you didn’t allow a simple home-beautification project to lead you to expensive hospital bills or significant repairs as a homeowner. You need to contact reliable power washing services to handle the task.

How to Prevent Damaging Your Siding & Surfaces by Getting Power Washing Services

As you know, improper power washing can cause you many troubles. However, you can prevent the potential damage of power washing your home by yourself when you consult a professional power washer. This is because most problems can be avoided when given to professionals.

The truth is that some simple household jobs can be done quickly by yourself using consumer-grade gear and little experience. But bigger jobs such as power washing can be more complicated and dangerous than they seem, and they are just not worth the risk of doing it yourself.

When you contract the job to professionals, you have instantly prevented the potential damages from power washing. This is because cleaning it all by yourself may result in a mess. So leave the exterior house washing project to the pros.

Most power washing service companies have a team of experts in exterior washing who understand what equipment and cleaning agent is required to wash every speck of dirt off your surfaces.

Advantages Of Using A Power Washing Service Provider

  • Decades of experience in exterior cleaning, which gives you 100% satisfaction
  • Make use of biodegradable cleaners to keep the surroundings of your home safe from hazardous components.
  • Makes use of low-pressure washing technique to prevent damages
  • Makes use of warm purified water to kill active buildups
  • May bring their water tank and ensure minimal waste of water.
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Have a team of trained employees complete the job

A lot of homeowners keep their house siding dirty for a long time. As you know, dirt, mold, and grime can grow on contaminated surfaces, leaving many stains. These power washing service providers will thoroughly wash the exterior siding of your home using their low-pressure washing technique.

Is Power Washing A House A Good Idea?

Yes, there’s always mold, mildew, and stains on your home’s deck, siding, and other areas. So power washing your home is the best way to get rid of them all.

How Often Should A House Be Power Washed?

It would be best to power wash your house every 2 to 3 years. This is because your home keeps lots of dust and debris that’s been overlooked, so power washing every 2 to 3 years will help.

Does Pressure Washing Damage The Siding?

No, but it can damage the siding if the pressure is too high. This means that you must understand which pressure level and nozzle to prevent damage.

Hire Professional Power Washers for the Job!

If you’re a homeowner that’s a do-it-yourself enthusiast, make sure you don’t try power washing your home yourself. Doing power washing on your own can damage your home’s siding and surfaces. You need to consult a power washing service provider to wash away all the dirt and stains from your home, so they will appear fresh and spotless. They will bring their purified water to make your house beautiful again.

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