These Home Improvements Are Necessary For Seniors Living Independently

Home Improvements

Some seniors don’t want to live in nursing facilities. They prefer being independent. There’s nothing wrong with this decision if it makes them feel better. Ageing is a difficult aspect of life to accept, and reliance on others becomes a norm. However, some older people still prefer to live alone, so they feel independent and free. If you have an elderly loved one who decided to go in this direction, you can invest in home improvements. These changes will make their lives better and free from potential risks.

Replace slippery floors

The slippery floors could be a cause of injuries. Tiles are usually slippery when wet. While they’re easy to maintain, they may also be a source of injuries. Low-pile carpets could be an excellent alternative. Hardwood flooring may also work as long as the material isn’t slippery. In the bathroom, heated floors are an excellent idea. They prevent the floors from staying damp after bathing.

Home Elevator

Seniors living alone must have a residential lift for greater accessibility of their homes. Apart from accessibility, home elevators also provide convenience to elderlys, improve safety at home, and increase their property value. Lifts do not even require a large space, as the smallest one can fit in a 600mm x 600mm space.

Safe stairs

Living in a house with more than one level could be dangerous for older people. If possible, they have to relocate to a house that doesn’t have a second floor. If it does, there should be handrails. They can assist the seniors as they walk up and down the stairs. There are lifts for stairs that the elderly can use their instead of the stairs. They might be expensive but could prevent potential injuries.

Well-lit house 

Seniors begin to have vision issues. They can’t see well, especially at night. The house should have quality lighting fixtures. The switch should also be easy to find if there’s a power interruption. Besides, quality lighting also looks good and will drastically improve the appearance of the house.

Storage facilities with labels 

Investing in storage facilities is necessary. The elderly tend to become forgetful. They should know where to find the things they need. Organizing them in a storage area with clear labels is useful. They should be available in various areas of the house.

Improve the bathroom

The bathroom is usually where injuries happen. Wet floors and limited space are the culprits. You can consider the use of a freestanding bath since it’s safer for the elderly. The layout of the bathroom also requires changes to make it easier to find skin and body care products. There should also be handrails to prevent slippage. A minimalist approach in the bathroom works since it’s easier to maintain. You can’t expect these seniors to spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom, or any other area at home.

These changes are necessary if you want your elderly loved one to be independent. They won’t be with anyone who can assist them. You won’t be there at all times, either. You appreciate their decision to try living independently instead of relying on a nursing home. You can be more confident about this decision once these changes are done. You know that there will a lower risk of injury and other potential problems. If you have to spend a lot to make these changes happen, you should do it.

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