Some Curious Facts To Know About The Boxing Day Sales

Some Curious Facts To Know About The Boxing Day Sales

Boxing day sales have always remained a fantastic festivity for shoppers, and this event is part and parcel of every country like Canada and America. The event has captured people’s hearts amazingly as on this day, the biggest sales of the year is organized on the luxurious items that people dream of buying at economical rates. You get incredible sales and online deals on the items.

Here are some of the curious facts one must be aware of the Boxing day sales event

Fact One:

Boxing day found its origin in the U.K., and it was celebrated to give gifts to the poor or the needy workers at home so that they can also enjoy Christmas after serving the rich.

Fact Two:

Boxing day is often seen as a holiday after the Christmas event, which comes on the 25th of December. So, the boxing day event takes place on the 26th of December at the designated places.

Fact Three:

The event got its name from the time when affluent families box up presents and gifts for their servants or the servers who work at their residences.

Fact Four:

In Canada, Boxing day is a federal and provincial statutory holiday that also marks the closure of Banks, Government offices, and postal services as well.

Fact Five:

Retailers and online e-commerce retailers choose various methods to intimate their shoppers about the fantastic deals that are going on at their e-stores. Such as

  • Stock clearance items before the pre-boxing week
  • Shopping apps
  • Shopping tools like store flyers, gift cards, subscription schemes, coupons, signboards, and so on.

Fact Six:

Boxing day in Canada is a life-changing event for people as they renovate their homes at this time, revamp as well as redecorate too by buying high-end décor pieces at deep discounting schemes. Not only this, but some also get free shipping when purchasing from far-off places.

Fact Seven:

Some retailers use various promotional programs as well to extend their sales. Some of these programs are like;

  • Payless and buy more
  • Before Next year’s eve, boxing day sales
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Gift replacements
  • Adds- on to gifts received on Christmas
  • VIP access
  • 24 hours’ access to the old customer before the actual sale begins

Fact Eight:

Some vendors open up their shops early as 5 am in the morning so that more clients can visit them. It is the best time to hunt for a pin in the hay.

Fact Nine:

Boxing day is the time to clear the clutter of the place for the sellers. That clutter is very useful and precious for the shoppers at the same time. As the retailers have the big godowns and warehouses, so they keep that stack behind for the boxing day sales event so as to sell that at this particular point in time.

Fact Ten:

Boxing day deals flood up in December month, so those who feel it unbearable to stand in the cold outside can also go for online shopping as well. As there is a massive rush at the e-commerce stores as well to buy the necessities from the comfort of your home or office. Lastman’s Bad boy is one such store online, which is Canada-based, from where you can shop for the luxe range of furniture, home appliances, mattress, and home décor items at budgeted rates online just by clicking a few buttons on your laptop.