Smart Essentials for Your Modern Bathroom

Smart Essentials for Your Modern Bathroom

Imagine waking up bleary-eyed and stumbling to your bathroom. The bathroom lights switch on as you enter, and the shower water is at the perfect temperature to wake you up gently. You wrap yourself in a heated towel and step out to get ready for the day.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It can be your reality!

Most modern bathroom designs integrate technology for added comfort and efficiency. Plus, the smart home era is not far. By 2025, around 6.6 million homes in Australia are projected to use smart products actively.

So, read along for the elements your smart bathroom must have and get ahead of the smart-home curve.

Smart Shower

A perfect shower can take the weight of the world off your shoulders. With a smart shower, you are guaranteed a perfect shower every time. Moreover, innovative technology allows you to be more sustainable while maximizing convenience.

Here are some features that you can expect in a smart shower.

  • You can set a precise water temperature that remains consistent throughout
  • Control your shower through your phone, smart speaker, or using voice controls
  • Schedule shower timings and automate for daily use
  • Control length of shower, water flow rate and pressure
  • Reduce water usage and energy consumed to heat water
  • No more scalding when your shower turns on

If you only want to invest in one smart product for your bathroom, this should be the one. Not only will its sleek look fit right in with modern bathroom designs, but its features will make it a highlight for your family.

Smart Mirror

Would you like to know the weather forecast as you brush your teeth? A smart mirror is an excellent way to introduce smart technology to your bathroom.

It is a two-way mirror with an integrated computer device. You can display date, time, weather forecast, news headlines, Google calendar schedule and much more on your mirror.

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In addition, it has the following features.

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  • Touch screen: You can interact with your mirror using the touch screen feature.
  • Motion sensor: You can have your smart mirror turn on and switch the lights on whenever someone walks in front of it.
  • Voice control: You can get your mirror to read the headlines and much more using voice controls.
  • Facial recognition: This allows you to Custom art what is displayed on the mirror for different people.

Touchless Toilets

Smart toilets are all about hygiene. They open and close automatically. Moreover, they allow you to flush with just the movement of your hand or by simply walking away.

In addition, you can buy self-cleaning as well as self-deodorizing toilets. You can also add some antimicrobial seats to ensure complete hygiene.

Plus, you can control the flush settings using your phone along with the aesthetic features like the lighting. Along with their numerous design features, they also reduce water consumption and make for sustainable investment.

Warming Drawers and Cooling Cabinets

Do you often have to store your medicine and beauty products in a different corner of the house or in the fridge? You can forget that habit with cooling cabinets. This cabinetry allows you to store your essentials close at hand by supplying the perfect temperature.

Also, for a truly luxurious bath experience, get warming drawers. When you place your towels and bath robes in this drawer, they are heated to an ideal temperature. So, you can now exit your shower feeling perfectly toasty.

To Sum Up

The smart-home revolution has taken the bathroom sphere by storm. Gone are the days of manual furnishings and limited functionality. Most modern bathroom designs feature smart technology that makes your life more comfortable. So, complete your smart home experience by upgrading to a smarter bathroom!

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