Should I Get A New Roof?

Should I Get A New Roof?

Have you been wondering if it is time for you to get a roof replacement in Northern Virginia? The reality is that most people do not give much consideration to their roof until they notice that their roof is unfortunately leaking. But the truth of the matter is that it is a good idea not to wait until something bad like that happens.

Therefore, this article will prove to be highly beneficial for you by providing indicators when you should get a new roof in order to ensure that your home is not damaged. Remember, it is your roof that is the fortified protector of your living space inside your home by preventing drafts and water from getting in.

When There Is Cracking

If you happen to notice that there is some cracking occurring regarding the shingles on your roof, then those shingles will need to be replaced. How much of the roof needs to be replaced will be based on how much cracking there is and if the cracking has been caught in a good time. That is why you should be vigilant in checking your roof for shingles that have experienced cracking.

Naturally, if the whole roof has cracked shingles, it will then be necessary to get a whole new roof.

Examine The Inside

It is a good idea to look inside your home for the sake of being able to determine the quality of your roof. You will need to examine what is going on in your attic. Take your handy flashlight to check under the eaves. If you notice any beams of light shining through the top of the attic ceiling or if there is the presence of staining or streaking, then your roof is leaking. It should be most definitely replaced.

Consider The Trail Of Paper

You should conduct a review of your records regarding your home improvement. There you will want to note the last time your roof was replaced or re-shingled. When you are aware of the last time your roof was replaced and what kind of material your roof is constructed of, this will indicate how much more time your roof will service your home.

Take into consideration, for example, that a normal roof that is constructed with the usage of asphalt shingles will serve a home for approximately twenty to twenty-five years. If a roof is placed on top of an already existing platform of shingles, then it is necessary to replace the roof after a period of twenty years.

Inspect The Shingles

Earlier it was mentioned that if most of the shingles on your roof are cracked, then you will need to get a new roof. But it is not enough to just check the shingles every few years. It is important to inspect your roof more frequently, particularly after bad storms. Shingles can become damaged or can even buckle.

If this is the case, then you will need to have some shingles replaced. If most of the shingles are damaged or buckled, then the whole roof should be replaced since it is important for shingles to lay flat on the roof in order to protect your home well. Moreover, while you are inspecting the shingles on your roof, it is a good idea to inspect the gutters as well as the downspouts in order to detect if there is the presence of any shingle granules in them.

If you notice some shingle granules in them, then the reality is that your roof needs to be replaced.

If you are not sure if you need a new roof and are not physically able to get up on the roof to inspect the shingles yourself, do not hesitate to call a roof replacement company. Indeed, these professionals will be pleased to come to inspect your roof. Then they will provide you with the diagnosis regarding the condition of your roof, whether you need to replace a few shingles or whether you need to get a whole new roof.