Reasons Why Your Stainless Steel Cooker Isn’t Whistling?

Reasons Why Your Stainless Steel Cooker Isn’t Whistling?

The pressure cooker is an essential kitchen tool that is used to make delicious and nutritious food. With the help of a cooker, preparing meals becomes easy and quick. However, various types of cookers are available in the market, such as electric cookers, stainless steel pressure cookers, and more. Moreover, the maintenance of this kitchen tool is easy. Therefore, it is available in various ranges.

The Problem that Causes Stainless Steel Cooker not to Whistle-

In many appliances, a common problem may arise, like stainless steel cooker is not whistling. However, if your stainless steel pressure cooker is not whistling, you may correct the position of the gasket and lid. Moreover, you can replace the worn gasket. Detach the cooker handle replace it with a tighter one.

Reasons why Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is Not Whistling

A pressure cooker is not whistle because of many reasons. Like your stainless steel pressure cooker is not getting proper pressure. However, in this article, know more about why it is not whistling? Furthermore, you can read how to fix this problem.

Know the Importance of Stainless Steel Cooker Whistle- 

The working of stainless steel cooker is to change heat into water then into steam. Furthermore, it is used to build pressure inside the cooker pot. However, when the pot hits maximum pressure, the weight inside the pot releases extra pressure, and this will cause the pressure cooker to whistle.

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How to Fix this Problem? 

Suppose your stainless steel pressure cooker is not whistling properly. Then you need to fix the following things. However, the whistle in the pressure cooker is reminding us it’s time to turn off the heat. Moreover, this also lets us know that food inside the cooker is cooked properly with the proper pressure and temperature. So let us know the reasons why it is not whistle.

1. Dirty and Torn Gasket-

If your stainless steel cooker gasket is torn and unclean, then it will not whistle. It is because the pressure will leak out from the lid.

Method to Fix-

  • Clean the gasket properly with soap.
  • Fix its position correctly into the pressure cooker lid.

2. Overflow Liquid Inside the Cooker-

A pressure cooker requires fix amount of water to build pressure. However, if there is much water inside the pot, this will catch more time to create pressure.

Method to Fix-

  • Read out the cooker manuals
  • Adjust the quantity of water

3. Incorrect Position of Valve-

If the cooker valve is in the wrong place, this will also prevent building pressure.

Method to Fix-

  • Clean valve properly
  • Place valve into the correct position.


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