How To Select and Buy Handles and Knobs?

How To Select and Buy Handles and Knobs?

Your almirahs and drawers are practically inaccessible without the handles and knobs. While buying them may seem like an easy business, it isn’t. A lot of thought and analysis goes into selecting hardware like these.

Whether you should go for some specific black kitchen handles or golden knobs depends on your requirements and, more importantly, what your interior design looks like. Well, no worries, as the blog below will cover all the essential ins and outs of the handles buying process.

Measure Your Door/Drawer

The first and foremost step of the handle buying process is measuring the borehole. Start by finding the diameter of the borehole to find the correctly sized knob or handle.

You should essentially measure the back set, which is the space set between the borehole and edge of the drawer or door. This area for doors would usually be 3.75 inches. Additionally, make sure that you make notes of these measurements on your notepad.

Lastly, also check the thickness of the door to the front portion of the drawer – plus, it is always beneficial that the door or drawer should have an average thickness so that the need to go for special hardware can be avoided and you won’t have to spend those extra bucks.

Analyse If You Wish To Have A Knob Or A Handle

There are two major types of pulls, as it was listed previously – knobs and handles. A strong recommendation here would be to go for knobs for the doors in the house, whereas handles could go well for the drawers.

On the other hand, if you have some big doors – pantry and pull-out doors – handles could be a great fit! The best part is there is a huge variety when it comes to these handles and knobs.

Check The Shapes

Next up, you should look at the different shapes and sizes available for these handles and knobs. An easy way to find what works best is to go through the cabinet style, lighting fixtures, countertop edge, or other design elements. Understand if they have curved or square lines.

The hardware should basically be in sync with the lines in the design of your house or that particular room.

Square style hardware comes with contours that have a square shape – they are usually contemporary in nature. On the contrary, curved style hardware will have more detailing and softer edges, ending up more traditional or transitional.

Consider The Finish

For instance, black kitchen handles will look good if you have a white-themed kitchen or a golden paint specially done. These could neutralise the effect of the drawer colour and the walls.

You could also choose between brushed nickel or the chrome finish to add a dash of drama to your kitchen. Plus, there is no need to match the faucet with these finishes if they work well with other finishes in the kitchen. Less work for you!

Choose Your Lockset If Needed

Sometimes knobs and handles can also come with a lockset, or you might have to choose one if the need persists. You can also find some electrical locks these days that work with the help of electricity.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a knob or handle might be difficult, but there are certain crucial aspects to remember to ease the process. As long as you prepare for these well and consider all the factors, you will purchase a great buy!