How To Find The Best Radon Service In Your Area

How To Find The Best Radon Service In Your Area

It is scary when an odorless, noiseless, and tasteless gas enters inside your homes, causing harm to you and your loved ones. In reality, more than 15,000 deaths occur every year in the US for radon exposure. Radon is such a dangerous gas that poses a significant risk to your health, and also it is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

If you suspect radon in your area, contact professional services for private well testing in New Jersey.

How To Find The Best Radon Services In Your Area?

If you have questions about purchasing a radon measurement device or are interested in filing qualified professional radon services in your area to test or mitigate your home, follow the process mentioned below.

  1. You should contact your State Radon Services to know the requirements for radon measurement services or radon reductions/mitigations in your area. Some states have a list of contractors available in their state.
  2. You can contact the National Radon Proficiency Programs, which are privately run that offer proficiency listing/certification/accreditation in radon mitigation and testing. Listed below is the contact information.

National Radon Proficiency Program

Phone number: (828) 890-4117 or (800) 269-4174

Email: [email protected]

National Radon Safety Board

Phone number: (866) 329-3474

Email: [email protected]

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How To Find Radon Testing Kits?

  1. At Kansas State University, you can find the radon testing kits from National Radon Program Services at a discounted price available online. You can order the test kit and mail or fax the printout.
  2. You will get information on how to get a test kit from a professional by contacting your state radon program. Some states also offer test kits at free or discounted prices.
  3. Many radon kits are available in offline stores or online markets. Look for directions on how to use the device, where to place it, and where to send the device to find the radon level.

Should I Hire A Professional Radon Service For My Home?

If the radon levels do not decrease after multiple radon testing and following the instructions, then it is time to hire a professional radon service for your home. Professional radon service experts will inspect your home and look out for possible ways the radon is entering your home.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) should have indoor radon grants to provide and maintain the public with a list of radon service providers for only those who are credentialed either through:

  1. A state-run process that is existing and established under the state’s regulatory requirements for radon service providers, for example, state license.
  2. It falls under the National Radon Safety Board or National Radon Proficiency Program.