5 Carpet Maintenance Tips For 2022

5 Carpet Maintenance Tips For 2022

Due to its warmth, softness and excellent sound-deafening properties among other peculiarities, carpet flooring continues to get more popular in living spaces. However, carpets are one of the most difficult types of flooring when it comes to proper care and maintenance. This is because they are subjected to daily abuse from shoes, spills and pets.

These fundamental tips and damage-control tactics can help your carpet appear its best and last for several years. You can also get tips to earn more bucks when you visit best online casino australia.

1. Choose The Right Color

Pick a carpet color that coordinates with your household activities. Light–colored carpets are beautiful but they are not the most preferred option if you have kids or pets as they tend to make a mess and cleaning it on a regular basis can be a nerve-racking task. Stains are conspicuous on such carpets. You should avoid purchasing them if you have a house with heavy traffic.

2. Move Your Furniture

Leaving your furniture on the same spot for a long period of time can cause dents in your carpet flooring. It is advisable that you rearrange your furniture every 6-12 months to maintain the integrity of the carpet fibres. It also gives the perfect opportunity to clean areas that are hard to get or notice.

3. Try Water First

Water can be effective in removing carpet stains. Besides the fact that it saves money, it is gentle on your carpet compared to harsh chemicals that can cause damage and deterioration over time. When cleaning a spill, try using water first before chemical cleaners. This is especially important if you have kids or pets in the home because these synthetic cleaners can be unhealthy. If you insist on getting cleaning products, read the labels and choose a much safer alternative for both you and your environment.

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4. Get Good Doormats

Placing doormats at every exterior door is one way to protect your carpet. The doormat is available for you and your guests to wipe your shoes. It prevents you from carrying dirt and debris into your home and onto your carpet.

5. Shampoo Your Carpet

Regardless of how diligent you are about vacuuming and cleaning up stains, deep cleaning your carpet with shampoo every 3-6 months is essential. It extracts the deeply embedded dirt, heavy soil and lingering stains that vacuum cannot reach, restoring the buoyancy of the fibres and leaving your carpet to look its best.


Keeping your carpet clean cannot only substantially increase its lifespan, but can also save you in the long run. With these simple tips mentioned above, your carpet will stay clean and in good condition for years to come. Again, for more fun, check out best canadian casinos online.