How Do Commercial And Residential Pest Control Differ?

How Do Commercial And Residential Pest Control Differ?

While the goal of both remains the same- to bid farewell to the pests, commercial and residential pest control do differ. Some agencies only provide service to residential projects, some only provide commercial services, while others provide services to both.

Let us learn more about the significant differences between Residential Pest Control & Commercial Pest Control services?

Service Hour Clock

Residential projects need people to relocate until the pest control has finished. On the other hand, it is impossible to relocate or shut down commercial projects for a longer time. Therefore commercial pest control agencies are trained to diagnose and treat the pest issues within no time.

Treatment Plans

While almost all residential projects present the exact reason for being a shade to the residents, it is pretty easy for professionals to analyze the root of the pests in every house. Ultimately, they immediately know what has gone wrong after handling similar projects daily.

Commercial premises host owners for various reasons, including restaurants, office spaces, healthcare, airports, and more, need to be serviced with custom treatment plans. Every plan is varied and accustomed to treat its problems.


A residential premise is well handled by its owner by self-cleaning & dusting whenever possible, which is less likely with commercial premises. The general cleaning staff does not tend to deep clean. Instead, they make the surroundings look good. Therefore, commercial premises are in frequent need of pest control services to maintain the hygiene of their workers and their visitors.

This gives them an upper hand on experience and a regular flow of work.

How To Solve Common Commercial Pest Control Challenges

Difference in kinds of pests

While residential properties possess the risk of tiny pests like ants and bugs due to fabrics and type of storage & furniture, commercial properties tend to attract more rats and cockroaches due to their geographical locations where these creatures tend to exist more.

How to decide between which makes the best fit for your pest control services:

  • Budget: Commercial services are on the higher end of costs. Recheck your piggy banks before you opt for any.
  • Possibility of relocation: As mentioned above, residential projects need relocation of residents, while commercial services shut your access for a limited time.
  • What kind of pests exist?: First, self-assess whether you have minor bugs or more significant pests like rats & mice.
  • What is the reason for pest control?: Did you spot the pests, or are you operating the services for precautionary reasons.

Both residential and commercial pest control services have their pros and cons. But it is always better to self-analyze and cross through as many common factors to come down to a decision.