History of stained glass

History of stained glass

rt is the expression of one’s creativity which may depict a scene, an emotion, or passion. It gives the viewers a preview of the artists’ minds on different forms. Art may come in different forms such as paintings, sculptures, or even music. One of the best forms of art ever created is the hanging stained glass. It symbolizes purity and spirituality that’s why it is mostly used in churches.

What is Hanging Stained Glass?

Stained glass is a form of elegant art that involves the use of colored glass. Colored glass pieces are combined to form beautiful artworks. Most stained glass artworks are in the form of geometrical shapes that form pictures or scenes. The greatest examples can be seen in churches. Another form of this art is hanging stained glass which is the same but is designed for hanging.

History of Stained Glass

According to experts, the history of stained glass can be traced as far as the 7th century. These art pieces were first observed in the making of the windows of St. Paul’s Monastery in France. It was reported that in that century, stained glass was popularly used in the towns of Jarrow and Monkwearmouth. However, the colored glass pieces were first produced by the Egyptians and the Romans. Their first art pieces that involved colored glass were the Lycurgus cup and Portland vase.

Excavation by Archaeologist

Archaeologist Rosemary Cramp has done some excavations at Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey. These excavations were done from 1963 to 1978. The stained glass was found by her during excavation which was believed to be the earliest pieces in Britain. Experts also suggest that these stained glass pieces that she found were part of Western Europe’s largest collection. Professor Cramp also stated that, upon the discovery of the stained glass pieces, it was like jewels that were spread on the ground.

Stained glass on Catholic Churches

As stained glass rose to popularity, stained glass windows were often used in Churches in Europe. These art pieces flourished from the middle ages to the 11th century. On the other hand, the architectural designs of these stained glass windows were changed in the 12th century. It was documented that the design used was based on a Romanesque concept. This concept highly featured height and light on cathedrals and churches.

Stained Glass in the Middle East

The history of stained glass in the Middle East can be traced as far as the 8th century. A Persian chemist named Jabir Hayyan wrote a guidebook about colored glass. This featured many methods that involve the creation of colored glass pieces. The stained glass windows in the Middle East have adapted to the ancient Roman concept. The concept involves the use of a variety of colors and complicated designs.

The Beauty of Hanging Stained Glass

After the historical events of the stained glass art pieces, its modern form has been introduced. These can be used on window hangers which gives a vintage look to your house. These small art decorations can also be used as stained glass panels which may appear elegant on your windows. Professionals also say that this type of art lets natural light inside.