Finding the Best Electrician for the Job

Finding the Best Electrician for the Job

Sooner or later there comes a time for all of us when we need an electrician. From simple installation jobs to complete home rewiring, it helps to know what you are looking for and, with that in mind, here are a few insider tips to help find the best electrician for your project.

It must be pointed out that electrical work is a serious matter. Many countries have rules and regulations to ensure that only qualified professionals can carry out work that is connected to mains power and Australia is no different. Sure, many people are familiar with switchboards and how to isolate parts of the circuit around the home, but electrical work is never as simple as it looks, and when it comes down to it, is it really work risking your home, or worse still your life, by messing with something you don’t fully understand? If this sounds like you and you have decided that it’d better to trust the job to a professional Bardon electrician, consider the following points before choosing wisely.

In all industries there are the good, the bad and the intermediate. Added to this is the fact that your small repair job isn’t going to be suited to an industrial electrical specialist, so as well as identifying the best qualified person to carry out your work, finding the right electrician for the job will also keep your budget on target.

The first thing to identify is whether they are qualified, certified electricians. There are plenty of shonky operators out there and, whilst it may be a generalisation, a less qualified business is even less likely to be around for the long term. They will therefore be able to offer more attractive prices if they have less overheads to pay for such as legal insurance and will also have less care in completing the job to the required standards. In other words, by cutting corners and saving themselves a few dollars, they could be putting you in danger and, should things go wrong in the future, there may be no comeback or insurance protection.

Hand in hand with the above factor is the question of experience. A business that has been around for a few years, and who has a reasonable level of reviews on social media is a strong indication that they will be around for more years to come and are concerned about their reputation. A word of warning though. Make sure to ask who will be sent to site to carry out your work. A common trick is to send out a lesser experienced electrician to handle small jobs and problems can arise when they identify other issues related to the job in hand but are not qualified to a level to competently deal with them. This means that a second person is required on site and it can become a false economy when you are paying for two people when just one could have done it. Also, the more experienced the electrician, then the better the quality of work.

Besides checking for qualifications and permits among other credentials from an electrician, it is crucial to work with an experienced professional. Hiring inexperienced electricians can have many disadvantages for you. A highly experienced, skilled, and well-trained electrician on the other hand, will ensure that you receive quality work and service.

If you think you’ve found the right person or business for the job, then three final things to consider are, how professional do they seem in communications, how does their estimate compare to others that you’ve received, and can they demonstrate their insurance cover before commencing any work? Follow these guidelines and you will significantly reduce the chances of receiving poor work, being ripped off, or threatening your home and family. Choose wisely.