Capital Square Mall New Capital: Best Value for Money

Capital Square Mall New Capital: Best Value for Money

Many projects are opening in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. All these complexes provide features at a certain price. But when it comes to price and quality ratio, then Capital Square Mall New Capital is the perfect place.

This is one of the first projects of the United Real Estate Company. The company has done tremendous work on this project. Therefore, it is a great situation to invest in the Capital Square Mall New Capital.

You will learn about the facilities, reservations, and installment procedures in the coming sections. This will give you the knowledge for purchasing a unit.

Construction and location

The Capital Square Mall New Capital lies near the Downtown area of the New Capital. The entire area consists of several malls, towers, and top-class buildings. Apart from this, the region is covered with gold markets, IT, Aviation and Tourism sector, and fashion centers.

Moreover, the location of Capital Square Mall New Capital is minutes away from the major landmarks. You can reach the government and financial district in just 10 minutes from this place. The green River takes 15 minutes and the Electric Monorail only takes ten minutes. Lastly, the Capital Square Mall New Capital is near to the Expo City, Cathedral, and Embassies District.

The complete building is created with the latest design. It has a ground and ten main floors. One can either go for the administrative, commercial, or medical unit in this mall.


Top Security

The mall has one of the best security features in the area. Guards and sensors are installed in various locations to track the activities.

Technologically Advanced

In terms of technology, you will get top-notch service. From panoramic elevators to electronic gates and entrances, advanced equipment is used everywhere. Additionally, you get a self-firefighting system that detects any alarming situation.

Powered by Natural Energy

The entire Capital Square Mall New Capital utilizes solar energy to power their devices. It is a constant and renewable electricity generator.

Internet Facility

Free WI-FI is available to all the users inside the mall.

Air-Condition and Projectors

The building has a central air-conditioning system to provide fresh and clean air. It also has large projectors with seating areas for people.

Price of Different Units

The company behind the development of this project is the United Development Company. This organization has made sure to provide the perfect price to quality ratio for this project. Therefore, it becomes extremely efficient to invest in any unit.

The price per meter Capital Square for the administrative and medical units in the Capital Square Mall New Capital starts at 6,850 EGP. This can go up to 23,000 EGP for the shops. Do remember that these are the best price per Capital Square meter area in New Administrative Capital.

You can easily reserve at a 10% down payment. The basic installment plan is for 4 years. Furthermore, just pay 20,000 EGP only for clinics and 50,000 EGP for stores as an initial fee. If anyone is not satisfied, then they can completely refund this fee.