Building And Pest Inspection

Building And Pest Inspection

The most important step in buying a house, that sadly many people don’t do, is to have a thorough building and pest inspection carried out. The results of building and pest inspections can help inform the price you will offer for the house. They will also give you an indication of how much work and money could be involved in carrying out the repairs and pest management program to ensure the house is safe and livable.  Many companies offer combined building and pest inspections the Gold Coast Pest Inspector suggests getting separate building and pest inspections from licenced experts in each area.

Gold Coast Pest Inspector works closely with Gold Coast Building Inspector, creating the dynamic duo of pest and building inspections. Between the two of them they will deliver thorough and authoritative building and pest inspection reports that will ensure that the purchase you’re about to make is the correct decision. Between the two qualified and licensed inspectors you are guaranteed to be safe hands when it comes to building and pest inspections.

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What Does A Pest Inspector Look For?

An experienced pest inspector looks for signs of ants and cockroaches, evidence of rodents, damage caused by termites, and traces wood borers. A pest inspector will also assess the site for wood decay, drainage issues and any other conditions that may attract pests. If located, it will be thoroughly documented and an action plan will also be delivered to the client so they know exactly what needs to be considered before making the final decision on a property purchase. A thorough pest inspection will save you money.

What Does A Building Inspector Look For?

An experienced building inspector will look at the damage caused by pests and determine how big the repair might be. They will also look at building defects, structural problems and identify cosmetic improvements. All building inspections by the Gold Coast Building Inspector are in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) and completed by experienced registered builder.

Before you commit to a new home, commit to a building and pest inspection (and a pool inspection if the property has a pool) and go into the purchase knowing everything there is to know about your new property.