When to Replace an Air Conditioning System

When to Replace an Air Conditioning System

Total system shutdown is definitely a sign it is time to get an air conditioning replacement. But waiting for your air conditioning system to take its last breath before getting a new one can put you and your family in an uncomfortable situation.

The situation could be worse if the system breaks down in the summer and you have no budget for a new air conditioning system and its installation.

So before the system breaks down completely, it pays to know the other signs your unit is on its last legs.

Your System is More Than a Decade Old

Air conditioning systems are not designed to last forever. When the unit reaches ten years of service, start preparing to get a new one. While it does not necessarily mean that the unit will break down once it reaches its 10th year, it is smart to start looking and shopping for air conditioning systems available in the market, especially if you are not taking care of the system.

Older air conditioning systems will eventually show an increased number of issues which can lead to expensive repairs. Furthermore, a unit that is not regularly maintained will have a shorter service life than frequently maintained systems.

Outrageous Repair Cost

It’s normal for air conditioning systems to get damaged, especially if they haven’t had a tune-up. You may have to call in for ductwork repair because of leaks. But if the system needs frequent, extensive repair work, you should start calculating all the repair expenses. If the repair bill is close or half the unit’s price, getting an air conditioning replacement would be a smart, practical move.

Soaring Energy Bills

Does your electric bill constantly increase even if there’s no rate increase announcement or serious changes in your home’s energy use and you’re using your air conditioning unit sensibly? If so, you may already have to get an air conditioning replacement.

An air conditioning system usually consumes more energy than necessary to cool your home when it has failing components.

A replacement will be a smart option if your air conditioning system already surpassed its expected service life and the cost of repair is around or half the unit’s price.

Home Renovations

Air conditioning systems need to be the right size to cool a space efficiently. And to find the right size, you’ll need to factor in the dimensions of the room to be cooled. If you add more rooms to your place, your existing air conditioning unit won’t be able to cool your space anymore properly. You either have to upgrade the system, add a new one, or get a replacement. Air conditioning replacement will be an ideal option if your existing system is old and having issues.

Plan to Sell the House

Properties with optimal features, including modern air conditioning systems, tend to be more attractive to homebuyers. So if your existing A/C has been showing problem signs and you have plans to put your house up for sale soon, it would be smart to replace the system with a modern unit.

In addition to making your property attractive to prospective homebuyers, installing a modern air conditioning system can also increase your home’s value.

A Modern Air Conditioning System is All You Would Want

Air conditioning technology is constantly advancing.

For example, there’s the smart thermostat, enabling users to adjust and control the thermostat setting using their smartphone. If you want to save energy, there are variable speed compressor that uses inverter technology to slow down or speed up the motor according to the heating or cooling load.

Depending on your budget and needs, some of these innovations might suit your taste.

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