Water Filter Guide: The Common Types of Water Filters to Choose From

Water Filter Guide: The Common Types of Water Filters to Choose From

Consuming clean drinking water has a lot of advantages. It not only ensures that you stay healthy but also supports all of the basic processes in your body. However, to achieve clean and healthy drinking water, you need to be open to investing in water filters.

Many people who have read AquaTru reviews have come to understand the importance of water filters, especially for those who are dealing with well water or those whose water contains heavy minerals, contaminants, and other harmful particles.

To ensure that you get the best water filters in the market, you need to know the types of water filters available, what each one does, and how each one fits into your plan. By knowing these, you stand a chance to choose the best option that works for you. Below are some of the commonest types of water filters that you need to know.

Water Pitcher Filters

Water pitcher filters are a great way to get your daily fix of clean and healthy drinking water. This water filter is designed to come in a large pitcher where water is collected and filtered. While this water filter is great for areas like the kitchen or dining area, you will soon find that it is limited in its capacity. The amount of water filtered per time is dependent on the size of the pitcher, so if you choose a water pitcher filter with a small container, you may be confined to small filtered water.

Please note that there are larger variants of these water filters which hold as much as 23 cups of filtered water at a time.

Faucet Filters

This is one of the most versatile options for large homes. Usually, these faucet filters are screwed directly onto the sink faucet. The filter has an in-built pass-through that allows the water from the faucet to flow through it directly. However, to save energy usage and to avoid wastage, the water filter can be turned on when needed and turned off when not in use. When turned on, the water flow is diverted through the filter and supplies clean drinking water for consumption at the end.

Countertop Filters

There are mainly two different types of countertop water filters. Some come with a large water reservoir that allows you to store water that is continuously being filtered while the second type is installed to your home’s main water in the kitchen for the purpose of water purification.

Irrespective of the option that you have chosen, rest assured that this water filter will get its job done. However, preferences for either of the types may be due to budget or specific wants. The major advantage, however, is that you can produce as much filtered water as you wish to use without interruptions.

Under-Sink Filters

This type of filter is installed under your sink. One of the biggest advantages is the aesthetics as it is not visible to every person that comes into your kitchen. However, the fact that it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t get its job done. Under-sink filters usually come with their own small faucet and may come with single or multiple filters, depending on the design. Rest assured that many of the options that are available on the market have easy to replace filter designs.

Whole House Water Filters

This is one of the most expensive types of water filters on the market. The whole house water filters are designed to serve the entire home and this accounts for the expensive nature. However, this is a wonderful investment for people who wish to have clean and fresh water running throughout the home. In addition, this whole house filter can help to save a lot of money on energy bills, plumbing problems, and more due to its action against hard water and mineral sediments.

Whole house water filters also offer multi-stage filtration solutions.

Water Bottle Filters

If you are a big fan of the outdoor space, you need to invest in portable water filters that are available on the go. One of the best water filters to invest in is the water bottle filters. They are portable and can be a travel companion whether you are hiking, camping, or engaging in other outdoor activities where the water isn’t trusted. A major disadvantage is the limited volume of water it accommodates but in the absence of this, you stand a great chance of enjoying delicious and clean water.

Straw Filters

Also for portable and mobile use. The straw filters are designed to be light and portable. Another important feature is that it is cheap compared to other options. With the straw filters, you get a small cylinder filter with a mouthpiece installed at one of the ends. It allows you to suck clean and fresh water through the filtration straw.