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Tips for Buying an Electric Fireplace

Tips for Buying an Electric Fireplace

A fireplace in the home looks inviting, cozy, and also delightful. Create a special atmosphere with the creaking of the wood, the flickering flames, the brightness, and the warmth. Fireplaces are captivating and you can’t stop looking at them. They instantly make you sit down with a furry blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. However, you can’t have a traditional fireplace if you live in a condo or apartment complex. For people who want to have a fireplace but cannot install it, electric fireplaces are the way to go. They can be installed quickly and do not require vents or chimneys. When planning to buy a fireplace for your home, the following are the things to consider.

Heating Capacity

First, determine what heater capacity you need. Most electrical fire fighting units operate on a standard 120-volt, 12.5-amp, 1500-watt outlet. To understand the heating capacity of a fireplace, divide the watts by 10 and the answer would be the approximate area in square feet that it could provide heating. Depending on your needs, you can choose a higher rank or a lower rank one.

Easy Installation

Electric units are very easy to install and inexpensive. All you need to do is bring the fireplace in and plug it into an electrical outlet. You can also move the fireplace from one room to another. You can keep this fireplace wherever you have an electrical point. This is the main advantage of the electric version of the fireplace over the gas ones. Gas fireplaces need a more serious installation. You need to draw a permanent gas line and once you install it, it cannot be moved.


Electric units are always a better option because if you have children or pets, you have a constant fear that they could be injured by fire. But if you buy the electric one, it gets hot and there is no fear of burning because its surface will be cool to the touch even when it is working. Some of the other benefits include:


You can move your electric unit anywhere you want inside the house or to your RV when you go on vacation or to a new home if you are moving.

No Replenishes

To keep the traditional wood-burning fireplace burning, you need to store the wood carefully. If you run out of logs, there will be no fire. Similarly, the gas fireplace also needs a continuous supply of gas. But with electric ones, you only need electricity to generate heat. If there is a power outage, it can also run on a generator.

Easy Operation

Operating an electric fire unit is very simple. With the click of a button, the unit starts creating heat. You can also adjust the temperature settings with remote control. These units come with various options and features. The more you play, the more alternatives you get. Do your research and choose the small electric fireplace that suits your home’s décor and needs.

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