How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Everything You Need to Know

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Everything You Need to Know

Despite how tiny they are, bed bugs are among those pests that are difficult to exterminate. They move and reproduce fast, and most of all, they usually go unnoticed because they attack their host discreetly when the latter is sleeping during the night. When people are bitten by bed bugs, they often think that the bite marks are caused by mosquitos.

In fact, many people have failed to realize early on that they have bed bugs at home until the infestation becomes serious and obvious. When this occurs, a homeowner’s best alternative would be to call for professional help. Pest control companies offer bed removal services such bed bug heat treatment, chemical treatment, and fumigation.

Still, people need to be aware of the various ways to eliminate these pesky critters and protect their home from future infestation. Thus, if you wish to finally get a good night’s sleep and say goodbye for good to these troublesome little creatures that subtly feed on your blood every night, then follow these step-by-step guide.

Look for signs of bed bug activity.

First things first, you have to be clear that bed bugs really exist in your household. Therefore, identify those places where bed bugs usually hide or stay in. Check your bed, your mattresses and other areas in your bedroom (i.e. head board, drawers, wall, wallpapers, wardrobe, and furniture) and find out if these areas have the following signs of bed bug infestation:

  • Blood stains on your bed sheets and pillowcases and even on your sleeping clothes. While you sleep, there is high tendency you might have rolled over and squashed some of these pests.
  • Dark spots (bed bug feces). Bed bugs often leave their poop, which are similar to dots made by a marker, in all areas they dwell on.
  • Strong musty stench. Your room, no matter how clean it is, will smell like an uncleaned old locker room once it has hundreds of bed bugs living in it.
  • Bed bug shells. Since bed bugs shed skin exactly five times prior to reaching their full maturity, you can find molted bed bug shells in their potential hiding areas.
  • Bed bug bites. You need to check out your skin for bite marks only inherent of bed bugs. These marks are super itchy and look like flat red welts typically appear in groups in a straight line or zigzag pattern.

Inspect other bed bug hide-outs.

These crawlies love to dwell on fabric; hence, you may also find them on any of your upholstered furniture, on your clothes, or, if you are one who travels a lot, in your luggage. Remember that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. You may also examine electrical outlets, loose wallpapers, bookshelves, or any cracks on your wall, bed, or furniture.

Wash your clothes with hot water.

Applying heat definitely kills bed bugs. To remove bed bugs from your clothes, bed sheets, pillow cases, wash these items using hit water and dry them in the dryer.

Freeze your belongings.

Bed bugs cannot also survive in an extremely cold environment. Hence, non-washable items may be freed from bed bugs by putting them (the items) inside the freezer for 24 hours.


Removing clutter is a sure way to keep bed bugs away. Regular vacuum cleaning does wonders for it will effectively suck the bed bugs and their eggs from their hiding space. Just make sure to dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag immediately by putting it in a trash bag and into a well-sealed trash can away from your property.

Apply bed bug treatment methods.

Bed bug removal involving the use of chemicals or special heaters is something that can be executed only by pest control experts. In other words, in cases of heavy infestation, make sure to seek the services of professionals to ensure that the method, whether heat treatment or chemical treatment, is carried out properly.

Dealing with bed bugs entails enormous patience and efforts on your part as a homeowner. You have to do your share of protecting your home from being invaded by these annoying pests. Aside from the DIY strategies mentioned above, it is also important that you coordinate with the right pest control company once you have a serious case of bed bug infestation.

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