How To Choose The Right Size OLED TV For Your Room


If you are considering a new Philips OLED or Samsung QLED tv for your home, one of the biggest factors in choosing your new tv is size. Choosing the right OLED TV size for your room depends on two important factors: your budget and the size of the room. And, with the low everyday prices on both Philips OLED and Samsung QLED tv’s at Hi Fi Confidential, all you really have to consider is size.

The size of the OLED television you choose should depend on how far you sit from the screen and how immersive you want your viewing experience to be. We are going to take a look at some important tips on choosing the right size Philips OLED, LG OLED, or Samsung QLED tv for your room and show you how to calculate viewing distance and screen size with an example.

Calculating Viewing Distance And Screen Size

QLED 2020 TVs offer more detail, which means that viewers can sit closer to their tv’s than ever before without seeing the pixels. There is a simple formula for calculating viewing distance and screen size that provides a good starting point:

  • Viewing distance (in inches)/2 = recommended TV size.
  • For example, if you usually sit 10 feet from the TV, that’s 120 inches (10 feet x 12 inches).
  • 120/2 = 60
  • The screen size for you is 60 inches (and remember, that’s the diagonal measurement of the screen).

TV Sizes For Crowded Rooms

If you regularly have a packed house for game night, this can affect your choice in tv size. For crowded rooms, you should choose at least a 40-inch screen if you are seated more than 2 metres from the TV. A 50-inch screen is good within 3 metres of the TV. If you are more than 3 metres away, a 60-inch screen is the smallest OLED television you should choose.

Viewing Angles

Viewing angles are also an important consideration when choosing an OLED television for your room. Ideally, the TV should be mounted parallel to your eyes, with no more than a 15-degree angle up or down, and no more than a 40-degree angle to the left or right. New Philips OLED, LG OLED, or Samsung QLED tv’s enable viewers to sit at even sharper angles to the tv.

Screen Resolution

The larger an OLED TV screen, the more important screen resolution becomes. Many tv’s have at least a 720p resolution which is typically good. However, if you have a 50-inch screen or larger, you will want a higher resolution, like 1080p. But, for the absolute best picture quality, 8K resolution offers amazing upscaling capability and resolution of 7680 by 4320 pixels.

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