How To Avoid Sink & Shower Drain Clogs

How To Avoid Sink & Shower Drain Clogs

You’re bound to run into plumbing issues at some point. It will be inconvenient for both you and your family, and it will put you in a difficult situation when you are unsure about the problem. People avoid dealing with these issues because the solutions can be pretty expensive, and they don’t realize that it could be hazardous to their health and prized possessions. Solving these issues is crucial since they affect household activities like bathing, cleaning, and cooking. You may run into several complications, so it’s best to employ an expert to handle them all. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber Gilbert, AZ, giving Rooter Hero a call might be good.

How To Avoid Sink And Shower Drain Clogs?

The best way to have healthy drainage is through prevention. If you are careful about what you throw down your drains, you won’t have to clean them out very often. Clogs do happen, and it’s crucial to know how to fix them and keep your drains properly.

Cleaning drains as frequently as possible is the first step in preventing clogs, and performing some actions regularly may assist in avoiding sink and shower drain clog problems in the first place. But, if something goes wrong, as it almost certainly will, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 drainage maintenance advice. You can clean and maintain your drains the same way you would clean the rest of your house, and it’s just as vital to keep your drains clean and clear of dirt to keep your bathroom clean and your kitchen counters clean.

The following are certain pieces of bits of advice to avoid sink and shower drain clogs:

Drain Guard: To decrease the quantity of the garbage that gets rinsed down your sink, use a drain guard on all of your plug holes. Drain guards are little, grate-like discs that sit atop your plug and collect debris, which you can then remove and dispose of in the trash.

Drain Cleaner: Bacteriological Drain Cleaner is an excellent solution for keeping all of your drains in good working order. Pour the solution down the drain, wait thirty minutes or according to the directions, and flush with hot water. This Repeating this step after certain interval helps in maintaining the drains in good condition.

Boiling water: Washing your drain with hot water once a week is one of the simplest methods to keep it healthy. Hot water keeps oils in food products flowing down the drain rather than accumulating on the inside surface of pipes, which can slow drains and cause blockages.

Garbage disposal: Once a month, use a sturdy disposer brush to clean your garbage disposal. There is an alternative method to put some cups of ice cubes and add some table salts, and this is a suitable method and helps remove grease and sludge.

Searching for signs of trouble: Drainage system issues are frequently not easily noticeable until too late. If you thoroughly investigate your home, you might find some critical signs of drainage issues. Is there any evidence of leakage, or do you detect any unusual odors? It’s a signifying sign when you start to discover wet patches or leaks around your home that shouldn’t be there.

Let the professional do the hard work: Contact a professional plumber immediately if you have a drain problem and are unsure how to continue. It can be pretty stressful when things in the home aren’t operating correctly, so eliminate the worry by hiring a professional to handle all the hard work.

Washing pets:-Washing your pets is a neverending chore. You spend at least half an hour chasing your pet around the house to get them into the bath. Then their hair appears to gather around the plughole…well, we’ve got some suggestions for you! Place a washcloth over the shower drain to capture excess hair, and then dispose of it in the trash later. You’ll be able to drastically reduce the amount of animal hair that ends up in the drain this way.


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