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Four Benefits You Get When You Waterproof Your Floors

Four Benefits You Get When You Waterproof Your Floors

As a homeowner, you may have spent all your hard-earned money to purchase the house of your dreams. Since a house is a very expensive investment, it is important to protect your investment. Your house’s flooring is one of the most affected parts that will undergo the most wear and tear, especially if you have a large household. Choosing the right flooring materials is crucial in keeping your floors fresh looking even after a long time. Likewise, it is also important to have your floors protected against water damages by hiring waterproofing specialists that will treat your floors to make them water-resistant. A waterproof flooring will give you these following benefits.

Prevents Buildup of Moisture. Homes located in areas with high humidity are prone to having moisture buildup in their walls, ceilings and floors. Spilt liquids, splashes from showers and sinks, and leaking pipes can also add to the moisture in your home. When there is a buildup of moisture, it may create a suitable breeding ground for mould and mildew. These moulds produce spores that can be carried by air and circulate in your room and cause respiratory problems to your household members. Exposure to mould spores can cause allergic reactions. Mould spores can also worsen the conditions of people who have asthma and other pre-existing respiratory conditions. A 2012 study reports that infants and young children exposed to mould spores had increased risks of developing asthma or other respiratory problems when they reach age seven. 

Increases Durability. Your home’s floors are the most susceptible to wear and tear especially if you have a lot of foot traffic. Likewise, water can break down porous flooring materials such as concrete. When you hire waterproofing specialists, they will cover your floors with a resin film that will seal in the pores preventing water from seeping into the floor. Waterproofing will also increase the durability of your floors. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain. When you waterproof your floors, dirt, water, and other small debris will not penetrate through the flooring material. Waterproofing will seal the pores of your floors, making it free from any dirt and moisture. Because of this, your floors will be easier to clean and maintain. All you have to do is to run a wet mop over the floor to clean it. Likewise, you can use a vacuum robot cleaner to automatically clean your floors even when you are not around. You will no longer worry about using water to clean your wooden floors since they are already water-resistant. 

Maintains the Aesthetics of Your Floor. Waterproofing your floors will not necessarily alter the overall aesthetics of your floor. When you already have hardwood floors installed, waterproofing specialists can make them water-resistant and more durable by applying transparent waterproofing resin on them. Likewise, when you apply waterproof resin on your floors, it will also be more resistant to scratches. This property will be ideal for homes that have heavy foot traffic and have pets and young children. 

When you waterproof your floors, you reduce the amount of time you will allocate to cleaning your floors. Waterproofing will allow you to clean your floors easily and ensure that your floors will last for generations to come. So, protect and enhance your floors now by calling in the waterproofing specialists


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