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External Facade Cleaning: A Necessity in Singapore Buildings

External Facade Cleaning: A Necessity in Singapore Buildings

Singapore circuit breaker is almost over, but people are still being more considerate about their health while leaving their houses. They are becoming more conscious of where they go- any place that doesn’t have even the tiniest bit of sanitization is not an option.

The MOM and MOH have jointly released some guidelines to keep offices safe. They mostly include the following of healthy habits and observing a clean environment. Additionally, keeping office sanitized is a very important clause in the guidelines. If the workplace is dirty in any way, companies will have to answer to the regulatory authorities.

A Dirty Outside Is As Bad As The Dirty Inside

You see, the outside walls of a building are dirtier than the insides. After all, it directly comes into contact with all the dirt, dust, and pollution that is formed outdoors.

What many often overlook is how risky a dirty exterior or a facade of a building can be. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and even moss, which may create health – mostly respiratory and allergy problems in people inside and outside the building. Additionally, uncleaned walls often give an annoying foul smell.

Cleaning Outside Of A Building Is Not As Easy And Straightforward

You see, even most of the cleaning companies don’t offer facade cleaning services. This is because cleaning the exterior of a building requires working in heights, and only professionals with adequate training can do so.

Furthermore, different buildings have different materials and there can be different kinds of dirt. So, you need to work with a firm that offers rope access cleaning services.

External Facade Cleaning is the Answer

Companies offering external facade cleaning can use a range of equipment’s and methods of working, for example, lift, scaffolding, etc. However, you should work with someone that offers Rope access services in Singapore.

Companies that work with ropes bring better results with lesser professionals. You see, ropes are easier and more affordable to install, and the worker can move around freely, which gives them more freedom while cleaning. Additionally, as the work will be complete faster, the final price you pay decreases even further when compared to other methods.

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