Early Warning Signs Of Mould Toxicity

Early Warning Signs Of Mould Toxicity

Mould is a type of fungi that thrives in dampness as its natural habitat. You can find it growing on walls in places like the basement, bathrooms, kitchen and just anywhere that is damp. The fungi travel through seeds called spores. Poor ventilation, spores, and moisture is the recipe for moulds anywhere in the house.

The fungi can be fatal to anyone who inhales the spores, which produce substances called mycotoxins. When inhaled into the body, Mycotoxins can cause the body to respond with different symptoms. However, it is favourable to review casino games online for more earnings.


Exposure to mould for hours can trigger an allergic reaction that presents a headache.

Headache is usually the first sign of mould toxin in the body. When the body is trying to fight the spores, it produces mucus. It causes inflammation of the mucous membrane and congests the nasal cavity.

Itchy And Watery Eyes

When mycotoxin is in the air, it is absorbed into the eyes. The result of this is teary eyes and constant itching. It can become very uncomfortable and irritating to experience. This itch can extend to the throat sometimes.

Excessive Cough

Another sign of mould toxicity is cough and mucus production. Anyone with immune system disorder or respiratory issues is likely to experience excessive coughing if exposed to moulds. Prolonged exposure can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia, which can cause sporadic coughing.

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Sleep Problems

Some peoples’ body reacts to mould exposure by causing insomnia. The sleeplessness is usually a response to the pungent smell the moulds emit. Also, when other symptoms like headaches, coughing, and difficulty breathing start manifesting either together or individually, it is hard for anyone to sleep well with all that stress.

Lower Energy Level

It is hard to perform at maximum capacity when you have less sleep, cough, mucus production, body pain, and respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. Most of the symptoms cut down oxygen circulation in the body and result in excessive exhaustion. People with mould toxicity sleep less and wake up tired. You can get your spirit lifted by a check of casino south africa.

Digestive Problems

Inhalation of mould can affect the quality of life by causing digestive problems. These digestive problems could be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or intestinal cramps. You should mention to your doctor if you have been exposed to mycotoxins and are experiencing digestive issues.