Different Types Of Access Doors in Commercial Construction

Different Types Of Access Doors in Commercial Construction

Every engineer, architect, and professional contractor knows the value of installing access doors to your commercial building. The main benefit of access doors is allowing authorized personnel to have easy entry to hard-to-reach areas. These areas are behind your walls, beneath floors, stairs, or ceilings. You can find different access doors with other purposes for your plumbing, electrical systems, mechanical systems, or even access extra space.

In addition, access doors also provide you with safety and security from unauthorized access. Having easy entry to certain areas is essential and will help you save money, especially for systems that require constant check-ups. If you’re looking for a suitable access door for your commercial building, here’s a list of the different types and what makes them unique from each other.

1. General Purpose Access Doors

This is the most common access door for installing walls and ceilings for interior and exterior applications. General-purpose access doors come with different features. You can choose from recessed frames, flush installation, concealed hinges, to match your walls’ exterior designs to the access panel. These access doors are suitable for areas where fire safety and security are the least factors.

2. Exterior Access Doors

Typically, the standard type of access doors is made for interior installations. However, there are some instances where you need to access some aspects of the exterior part of your establishment. Exterior access doors are manufactured to be noncorrosive and moisture-proof for prevention against destructive weather elements. They are made from unique materials resistant to rust, warping, and wear and tear.

3. Fire-Rated Access Doors

If you want to meet the commercial building fire safety standards, you should opt for fire-rated access doors. Spaces left on the walls or ceiling can pose additional risks in a fire. This access door is beneficial, especially for unwanted instances of fire outbreaks. As such, a fire-rated access door serves to neutralize the other threat posed by open spaces just in case there is a fire. One of the most high-quality access doors is the fire-rated stainless steel access door. Some fire-rated access doors include swinging, self-latching, automatically closing gates, manual panel release, and many other designs.

4. Security Access Doors

This type of access door is best for an establishment that prioritizes security. Examples of such establishments are schools, prisons, government buildings, banks, and other secure facilities. You can choose from either medium or high-security doors Perth. Medium security access doors have thicker steel, a continuous piano hinge, and a key-operated cylinder cam latch. In contrast, high-security access doors are manufactured with detention-grade materials and prepped for all types of deadlocks. Because of its tamper-proof latches, these doors can stand against forced or illegal entries.

5. Duct Access Doors

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This door is specially designed to access any ductworks easily and for duct check-ups, maintenance, and repairs. This access door is also very versatile since it has a wide range of sizes made to fit any form or duct style. There are also duct access doors available for protecting or trapping HVAC ducts from grease ducts in commercial kitchens.

6. Flush Access Doors

Flush access doors are a particular type of access doors made precisely to complement flush surfaces. These doors are made from either plastic or steel for durability and are resistant to corrosion. This access door is perfect if you want your access door to blend nicely with your walls.

7. Floor Hatch

A floor hatch installation is essential in requiring access to building utilities underground or between flooring. In addition, a floor hatch can also allow walk-in entry to any critical areas. Other floor hatches also come with a fire rating to comply with the fire safety in commercial buildings and as required by code.

There are still different access doors that cater to a specific function you need for your commercial building. Some access door manufacturing companies also offer customized access doors that vary in material and size. Make sure you partner with a reputable company that is proven to provide quality products based on customer reviews.