Comprehensive Safety Checklists by HVAC Contractor Servicing Downriver Michigan

Comprehensive Safety Checklists by HVAC Contractor Servicing Downriver Michigan

Looking for an HVAC management company to perform preventative maintenance? Did you know that there are several comprehensive safety checklists from HVAC contractors serving Downriver Michigan? Chances are you’re not sure what preventive maintenance involves. If you already have an HVAC contractor servicing your unit, you may be wondering if you are getting the same service as your neighbours. This is where the HVAC Safety Maintenance Checklist comes in handy.

Comprehensive Safety Checklists From A Downriver Michigan HVAC Service

Let’s take a look at the HVAC safety checklist. You can use this checklist when comparing suppliers and costs.


HVAC Safety Winter Checklist

Before you hire your HVAC contractor, make sure they can professionally perform these HVAC safety checklists on your heating system to prepare it for the cold season ahead. If you want to avoid a furnace breakdown in the winter, make sure you don’t skip this list.

  • Confirm gas pressure
  • Check pulleys and belts
  • Study the fuel system and ensure a secure connection to the furnace
  • Check for gas leaks using gas furnaces
  • Change the filters on the heating device
  • Inspect the ignition burner parts
  • Monitor the heat exchanger
  • Check thermostats and controls
  • Check fan and blower operation and adjust if necessary
  • Examine the heat pump
  • Watch pipes and vents
  • Check the electrical connection
  • Lubricate motors, bearings and other moving parts


Summer HVAC Safety Checklist

Your HVAC contractor should be able to complete these HVAC safety checklist tasks to get your system ready for the upcoming cooling season.

  • Thermostat diagnostics control and ensure temperatures and timer functions
  • Replace the batteries
  • Check the electrical system and connections
  • Check for refrigerant charge leaks
  • Worn belts and pulleys should be kept clean
  • Mould, dust and dirt should be checked
  • Check for debris around the outdoor unit
  • Check blowers and blades for airflow
  • Oil engine bearings and all moving parts
  • Replace the fan motor
  • The humidity level should be controlled
  • Check the housing for leaks
  • Replace or clean the filters
  • Keep the condenser and evaporator coils clean
  • The drain pipe should be kept clean
  • Prevent overflow by clearing drain pans of any standing water

Use this HVAC Safety Checklist as a Guide

You don’t have to be covered by a universal agreement. Terms and conditions may generally vary. You can limit the annual HVAC maintenance checklist items to one system, such as air conditioning. This may be the case if your building has a central heating system which is maintained by the property owner.


You can choose a quarterly HVAC safety checklist. This option works best when you need more frequent assistance with changing filters and cleaning coils. A popular option is a preventive maintenance twice a year. It is recommended that these visits be made in the spring and fall before the peak of the air conditioning and heat season.


Now it can be seen that comprehensive safety checklists from HVAC contractors serving the Best downriver Michigan heating and cooling company should not be taken for granted. If you encounter something you do not understand about your HVAC system, contact your HVAC technician immediately.