5 Easy Steps For Creating a Basketball Court at Home

5 easy steps for creating a basketball court at home

Creating a basketball court at home can be a fun project and if you follow these simple steps, this will be a relatively simple DIY project.

Step 1: Work Out the Size and Location of Your Basketball Court

The first thing you need to do is to make sure there is space that is open and as flat as possible. A concrete base for your court is typically the best option for residential areas due to its longevity and durability, meaning that you won’t have to do much maintenance for your concrete court to last for years. Depending on your available area, you may want to consider a half or even quarter court size if you are limited in space. Costs of excavating the land and pouring the concrete base are also important in your budget. Make sure that your project is in line with your local zoning regulations and be sure to apply for any permits if they are required.

Step 2: Level the location of your court

The most important thing to do before pouring the concrete is to make sure the ground is 100% level. The area where the court will be should be dug at least 120mm below the surface of your yard to make room for your concrete slab and sports surfacing.

Step 3: Concrete pouring

Gather, prepare, and pour a 100mm slab of concrete to match your court design measurements. This is an important job so you might want to get a professional to help with sourcing the materials, pouring, and finishing your concrete. Be sure to schedule your pour for a time when you will have clear weather for 72 hours otherwise elements such as rain, snow and sleet will tarnish your endeavors.

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Step 4: Purchase your hoop and basketball court surface materials

Unless you plan on having your hoop attached to a wall, you will be installing your basketball hoop while you pour the concrete. Since the installation and pour need to happen at the same time, be sure to order the hoop early so you have it ready to go when it is time to pour the concrete. What hoop you get depends on the location of the court and if you want it to be permanent or not as there is the option to get a portable hoop that can be moved anytime if you want to use the area for other things. Coating the top of your court with the best sports surfacing material will help it last and your family to have the best playing experience so do some research to determine which will be the best for you. By the time you are done, and you’ve checked out the NBA playoff odds you will be able to practice playing ball like your favourite NBA players.

Step 5: Install Your Basketball Hoop

The last major thing to do is to install your basketball hoop. You will have instructions that come with your basketball hoop so be sure to follow these closely to avoid any problems. If need be, a couple of friends will be able to help put it together and install it correctly. Somewhere between three and five people should be enough to get the job done. Once your hoop is up, cordon the area off and give it at least 4 days for the concrete to set before you apply your coating material.

Now it’s time to enjoy playing ball, from the comfort of your own home.