5 Beautiful Countertop Kitchen Designs To Use in 2022

5 Beautiful Countertop Kitchen Designs To Use in 2022

Unless you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen or moved into a custom-built home, you’ve probably considered upgrading your kitchen — the home’s central hub where so much occurs.

The countertop is an essential part of the kitchen. It’s where all the action happens. But, more importantly, the countertop is the foundation of kitchen décor when renovating a kitchen. It establishes the tone and feel of the space.

You are not alone if becoming acquainted with your kitchen has given you ideas for changes. However, before you begin making renovation plans, consider visiting real money casinos and the following top kitchen countertop design trends for 2022:

Distinctive High-End Tops

Splurge-worthy kitchen countertops are always at the top of renovating homeowners’ “must-have” lists. After all, statement-making countertops that are equally beautiful, durable, and practical are always a game-changing design element and an excellent investment.

Newer countertop materials, such as travertine and quartzite, are also on the list.

Elegant Marble

Granite is a popular choice for a bold statement countertop material, and there are plenty of attractive options to choose from. On the other hand, Bold marble patterns are expected to take over.

While granite has dominated for the last few decades, marble has a soft, soothing appeal that homeowners living in a pandemic world find appealing after being stuck at home for months dealing with astronomical stress. However, choosing a dynamic marble variety allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Dramatic And Daring

Bold and dramatic counters, especially dark counters, can easily appear gothic in some situations while also being perfectly harmonious in others.

Boldly colored countertops are an excellent way to make a statement. The design isn’t just for modern spaces (although black stone or maybe Corian counters certainly look sophisticated and sleek, particularly when combined with sharp white cabinets). In a traditional kitchen, a bold and dramatic color works well; black marble or granite surfaces add gravitas to rustic wood racks or a colorful tile backsplash. Dark counters, whether matte or glossy, on the other hand, will help your dishes, flowers, and linens stand out.

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Backsplashes And Countertops That Match

Forget about matching tile to your marble or granite (not to mention the hassle of cleaning food splatter from grout lines). Extending your natural stone countertop up the wall is on an uptrend. If you’re down and out, consider casinosnz for more returns.

Bringing your slab into vertical space lets you make your favorite patterns more visible and impactful in your kitchen, especially if you cut the slab so that the pattern moves seamlessly across the countertop and up onto the wall.

Eye-Catching Cabinetry

Cabinetry that is versatile and eye-catching is also at the forefront of kitchen design trends. People are more likely to choose cabinets in eclectic vintage hues or bright jewel tones that add dimension and drama to an otherwise neutral palette. Not ready to commit to a room full of brightly colored cabinets? Instead, use your kitchen island or butler’s pantry to create a striking focal point.

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