4 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas You Should Check Out

4 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas You Should Check Out

Arguably, the countertops are the busiest place in the kitchen.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t serve aesthetics too!

Countertops, as hardworking and multifunctional as they are, also play an important role in defining the aesthetic of a kitchen.

Kitchen countertop selection is an important part of the kitchen design process. It is critical that the material complements the look and style of your kitchen and your lifestyle.

It’s tempting to focus on the finished look of the room when brainstorming kitchen ideas. Still, the functionality, durability, and ease of cleaning the kitchen countertop you choose are also important because longevity must be considered for anyone remodeling.

Check out these four design ideas;

Use an Edge

Though a minor detail, a countertop edge profile makes a strong statement. Squared and eased edges say clean and sleek, while rounded edges, e.g., bullnose, have a softer, more casual appeal, and S-shaped options are more traditional. But that’s only the beginning of the possibilities like it is with best online pokies australia.

Tile Kitchen Countertops Ideas For Your Home  Design Cafe

Don’t Neglect The Finishing.

Paying attention to the smallest details when fabricating surfaces can have a much larger impact than you might think, bringing you joy daily. Instead of standard draining grooves, try something different, like this stunning sunken drainer by deVOL. The aged copper surface is lovely on its own, but the addition of tiny raised domes elevates it above ordinary kitchen styles.

Sunken drainers are far more effective than routed grooves at containing and channeling away water and will help keep air-drying dishes safely contained.

Matte is Important.

While highly polished stone will always be attractive, countertop trends are shifting toward matte. A honed finish is smooth to touch but lacks shine, which can help hide flaws and scratches but may make stains more visible on surfaces such as marble.

A leather finish currently popular on granite adds a slight gloss to highlight the stone’s natural colors and contours. It’s done with a diamond-tipped brush and can produce a rough, smooth textural range.

Save Money on Stone

A genuine granite or marble countertop may be possible if your budget does not allow for a solid stone slab. Because most of the cost of solid stone is in the installation, a do-it-yourself tile job could cost you about a third of the price, even on meilleurs casinos en ligne.

Pro tip: Using a large 12×12-inch tile simplifies the project and results in fewer seams, giving the appearance of a solid slab. Finish by installing stone pieces around the rim or selecting a wood species that complement the stone to form a countertop edge.