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10 Free High-Value Tools and Resources Accessible Online

Accessible Online

The pace of life increases, resembling a rush aiming at speed-limits. We have to follow the tendencies of modern life and the marketplace to stay in the competition. Entrepreneurs and business entities are searching for the best resources to optimize schedules and reduce effort.

We have prepared a list of the best online resources to keep you inspired, organized, targeted, and help your business in its everyday needs. And before you spend all your money on expensive applications and non-stop plans, read our guide to high-value tools and resources that are accessible online. Besides, they are all 100% free.


Grammarly is a free extension app that allows for correcting and eliminating errors, wording, difficult-to-read constructions, and punctuation. The service is one of the best online inventions to correct and improve your grammar, spelling, and writing skills. It polishes the style and manner of writing. Grammarly’s free plan is enough to avoid basic complexities and maintain readability. The app ensures to assist writers, students, office-seekers, pen-friends, and anyone who aims at making a good impression in writing. It is available for iOS, Android, and desktop users.


Anyone who is seeking free legal forms of high-quality should try the FormsPal Templates service. This free database offers legal forms comprising the most urgent and vital spheres of medicare, real estate, inheritance, and business relations. Find thousands of free verified legal PDF templates approved by professional attorneys or taken from dependable governmental sources ready to be filled out and filed.

FormsPal offers details and guidelines in accessible language and helps save money on expensive lawyers and attorneys. The service also provides step-by-step instructions to assist visitors with any legal background in completing the documents effortlessly.


One of the greatest free online workspaces to organize and manage projects of any scope, Trello reflects your current processes and tasks. This tool allows teams to collaborate and always have a real-time perspective of what is going on. Create boards with tasks, delegate duties, and have a clear view of who is preparing what, which tasks are in process, and which are done.

Trello’s concept is easily explained through yellow stickers with one significant difference: you don’t need to spend tons of paper and litter your working space. Trello collaboration is available everywhere and at any time: all you need is your email to register an account and internet connection.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a superb online assistant that serves entrepreneurs and business organizations in promoting their services and presence worldwide for free. This tool allows users to manage their business profiles using Google Search and Google Maps privileges to stay connected to customers and always have details updated. Local search appears to be an excellent means of business development and promotion.

Google My Business account allows you to disclose essential info about your working hours, the scope of activity, and display the organization’s address, and all that is free. You are even allowed to display your contact data and provide a direct link to your official web page.


Canva makes it easy for users to create graphic designs, posters, presentations, and other visual and media content at no cost. The platform was created by Australian enthusiasts to encourage and teach brands how to stay inspired. Forget about tiring explanations of your visual concepts. Go to the Canva official website and design any of your most creative and boldest ideas in minutes.

The drag-and-drop tools and thousands of high-resolution layouts allow generating professionally stunning results. With Canva features, your website and social media graphics will bloom into masterpieces.


Pexels is Canva’s subsidiary branch and appears to be a massive resource for royalty-free images and high-resolution and creative video extracts. If you are looking for superb visuals, go for Pexels and download your favorites. The targeted search will bring to light the needed concepts and visual ideas. Pexels license and the Creative Commons license allow adjusting, editing, and using the visuals for commercial purposes.


Dropbox is a cloud-storage invisible app that aims to save space on your computer or device. A Dropbox folder syncs and backs up the contents by default, allowing you to use the data from anywhere in the world via any authorized device. Just create a free account, get 2 GB of free space, and share the critical details securely and quickly without mailing or messaging massive attachments. You can even share the profile to collaborate with your business or creative team for free.

Hemingway Editor

Similar to Grammarly, Hemingway Editor appears to be a writing assistant with an emphasis on creativity. Its focal aspect covers sentence structure and high-quality writing skills rather than fundamental grammar aspects offered by Grammarly. Hemingway Editor is 100% free online, and lots of creative writers prefer having it this way. Just transfer your text to the editor box and click the “Edit” button to check the text. Hemingway Editor has a nice usable layout and formatting tool. And the coloring scheme will indicate potentially questionable extracts.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve, generated by Blackmagic Design, is the universal professional platform that comprises a video and color correction editor, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio editor. The workspace offers a free, robust user plan, covering the primary and most needed features, which is enough for most users. DaVinci Resolve is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Its intuitive layout and friendly interface allow people with minimum knowledge of motion editing to use professional tools, enhance the visuals and create stellar videos.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel offers free hand-picked fonts to flatter your business brand. The service provides fonts to match the character and the peculiarities of your business or creative concept. Give the Times New Roman and Comic Sans some rest — let the Font Squirrel open a universe of innovative solutions for you.

The Bottom Line

People of all ages have everyday needs that make them turn to online tools. It is high time to go from paper to digital solutions. Even governmental organizations and agencies tend to switch to electronic workflow, and they have developed their own digital tools for this purpose.

Though the process might be a bit intimidating initially, it gets easier once you master your skills. We sincerely hope our list of free online high-value tools and resources will be of great assistance on the road to success.

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