Tax Cut Rally Today!

TaxCutRallyStickerSt. Paul – An annual tradition since 1997, today’s Tax Cut Rally at the State Capitol will bring together dozens of organizations and causes united behind a theme of limiting government intrusion into people’s lives and pocketbooks.

The event is organized by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and Minnesota Majority and features Jason Lewis, a local author, national talk radio host and founder of the new online political networking site,

Morning radio hosts, Jack and Ben of AM 1130’s Up and at ‘Em will emcee the Rally that’s also evolved into a kind-of conservative and libertarian issues fair over the years.

Legislative leaders and spokespeople from several conservative and liberty-minded organization will also address the crowd of ralliers who say they’re “taxed enough already.”

“As we near the end of session, with some taxing and spending bills still in the works, It’s looking to be a gorgeous day for hardworking and overtaxed Minnesotans to rally in front of the Capitol to be seen and heard by lawmakers,” said Minnesota Majority president Dan McGrath.

“We had some planning challenges because of shifting Capitol construction plans,” noted Taxpayers League president, Ted Lillie, “but it’s all come together and we’re looking forward to a big day for the People of Minnesota to send a message to the people working inside the Capitol.”

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2 Responses to Tax Cut Rally Today!

  1. Pally May 4, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    Sue Jeffers wasn’t there? We got there late but didn’t miss out on Jack, Ben and Jason! One thing loved about the people in Minnesota is the awesome personalities!!! Thank you everybody for this opportunity. We have people in this state that haven’t been fairly educated the truth regarding personal empowerment in freedom and independence. We’re reaching out…

    No hope lost. Lots of wagon pullers had to work and some couldn’t put up with the wind. Kinda goes to show you how the tax paying class is getting smaller pulling a heavier load by criminal burden!! Someone’s gotta stop this unfairness and delegate people pay for their own benefits and stop taking from people who have paid for their own.

    • Dan May 23, 2014 at 1:21 am #

      It wasn’t practical for Sue to be there with her radio schedule that day. She was missed, but she covered the rally from the studio on her show.

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