Tax Cut Rally Saturday, May 3rd!

Tax Cut Rally CrowdSince 1998, the Tax Cut Rally has been an annual tradition in Minnesota and it’s grown to become the biggest annual gathering of liberty-minded fiscal conservatives in the state.

This year, the mega-rally will be held on Saturday, May 3rd from 10 AM to 2:00 PM, with the main speaking program starting at high noon.

Capitol reconstruction has caused a few hiccups and adjustments, but the rally will go on on the steps of the State Capitol!

We’re excited to announce that national radio host and author, Jason Lewis, who was instrumental in growing the Rally is back as a featured speaker this year!

Since 2008, the Rally has evolved into a kind-of issues fair that is inclusive of many conservative viewpoints and causes. The 2014 Rally will feature dozens of exhibitors ready to inform people about their current causes. There’s something for everyone at this free, family-friendly event. Bring your kids for a fun civics lesson!

Learn more about the Rally at

Want to exhibit at the Rally? Rates are reduced this year. You can expose your cause, company or organization to thousands of like-minded people for as little as $100. See the Tax Cut Rally Exhibitor Page for details.

The 2014 Tax Cut Rally is brought to you by Minnesota Majority, the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and Twin Cities News Talk (AM 1130). Sponsorship opportunities remain open!

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One Response to Tax Cut Rally Saturday, May 3rd!

  1. Pally April 26, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

    Thank goodness we didn’t miss it! Gotta have signs to recall constitutional violators or violators of the constitution!!

    To the mentality that thinks swimming is a civil right? Wrong lady! It’s a personal responsibility taken on by choice. Civil right? Maybe for mermaids! This mentality with loud mouths are the effects of common core crap. Not one bit of critical thinking when that’s all common core runs on!! Common core causes severe brain damage as we suffer the force of having to deal with no willingness by those effected to open their minds to cure their own. Common core is beneath average standards that supporters endorse as “higher?” so it’s even greater than beneath!!!!! PROTECT THE CHILDREN! Constitution!! Since people can’t abide by their oath they can have the dignity to STEP DOWN before they’re physically removed!! Minds are a terrible thing to waste and a terrible investment to force challenge of a lesser, corrupt mentality on vulnerable minds.

    Personal life isn’t lived in school making personal life private. Where in the constitution is it the role of government to use education as a means of invading personal, family privacy? There’s no relevancy with the two, extremely violating and dangerous as history and world governments reveal. Who’s protecting who in this state?

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