New IRS Rules Would Stifle Conservative Speech – Public Input Needed

IRS-Exposed-SquareTime is short for the public to provide comments to the IRS regarding proposed new rules that are designed to stifle conservative non-profit groups like Minnesota Majority, Tea Party groups and countless others. Political operators in the Obama Administration are seeking to legitimize the IRS’ ongoing, illegal practice of targeting those same organizations.

Last year, the nation was outraged to learn that the IRS had been using its power to single out and harass organizations with identifiable conservative viewpoints.

Rather than reverse the illegal and un-American activity, the IRS is now seeking to legitimize the targeting and silence conservative nonprofits through new official regulations.

These proposed restrictions would prohibit 501(c)(4) groups from participating in voter registration drives, candidate debates, publishing voter guides, voting records and key votes. That’s just the beginning. If the IRS gets their way, 501(c)(4) organizations like Minnesota Majority would be hamstrung.

Take Action!

The IRS is now accepting public comments on the proposed rules changes, but the deadline for public comments to be submitted is Thursday, February 27th.

Click here to read the proposed rule changes and submit your comments now!

Learn more at IRS Exposed.

4 Responses to New IRS Rules Would Stifle Conservative Speech – Public Input Needed

  1. Dick Butler February 26, 2014 at 11:08 am #

    Get over it, Conservatives. The IRS isn’t out to stifle you or anyone else. Except the BIG MONEY backers of the right wing religious nuts and anti-government Tea Party wackos who’d like to BUY our Democracy out from under us.

    If conservatives were really as concerned about their country as they advertise, they’d make it clear to their zillionaire backers that we won’t sell our rights and our freedoms to the highest bidders.

    Minnesota Majority? That’s a crock. You don’t speak for a “majority” of your own party, much less the state of Minnesota. And certainly, you don’t speak for ME. Get a life. Get some brains, and use them.

    • Dan February 26, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

      I think you are confused or don’t have all the fact about this. Those rich guys you’re worried about can spend any amount of money they want on independent political expenditures. They don’t need organizations. The Supreme Court has long upheld this principle. It’s the little guys that need to band together into organizations to pool their resources to compete with the big money in politics.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Alex February 26, 2014 at 9:26 pm #

      You shouldn’t comment on things you don’t understand.

    • Pally February 28, 2014 at 10:09 am #

      What’s the problem, Mr. Butler? Why do you trust government strangers over your fellow Minnesotans that know the difference between the role of the IRS to the corruption they’ve become with everyone’s tax dollars paying their way? The IRS is a “government” neutral agency. Freedom of speech is an equal right to all! How is it fair government instructs the IRS to target words used by particular groups to hassle and hinder? The only billionaire backers are democrats as everyone else is unfairly taxed, harassed and slandered by grown political adults! Why do you think democrats designed a bill to bail out all the wealthy but poorly mismanaged businesses that once stood on their own? Wall Street, Banks, Chrysler, GM, GE (traitors) and what democrats did to bank policies forcing unnecessary burdens on the consumer, is criminal! Where all your love of government exits so do artificially higher costs because government takes a cut wherever you let them in. The people of this state are much stronger independently than under government communist corruption. Don’t you agree? Do you really think if immigrants knew, they’d appreciate the democratic party challenging their vulnerability of communism into Minnesota and or American governance for everyone to struggle? Embarrassingly short changing immigrants!
      Communism (like liars and cheats w/authority,) demeans humanity!

      Sell rights and freedoms to the highest bidder? You’re giving them away while the majority of people in this state are trying to protect your rights, your freedoms, your dignity! Better get on board, Mr. Butler. We’re losing you!

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