Government, Stay in Your Lane

Met Council LogoBy David Strom

Back in 1967, the Metropolitan Council was created to solve a problem: The growing population of the Twin Cities region had a sewage problem spawned by a patchwork of sewer and septic systems, and letting the problem fester would be a significant problem for public health.

The Metropolitan Council wasn’t supposed to replace local governments, but coordinate their efforts to increase health, safety and efficiency.

Coordinated planning of water and sewer systems made sense. And it worked pretty well, as such things go. Some things do work better at scale.

Legislators liked what they saw, so they added new functions to the Met Council over time. The most obvious and most frequently contentious is public transit, but other duties were added over time: regional planning, urban planning for municipalities, forecasting population growth, ensuring adequate affordable housing, and maintaining a regional park and trails system. It even has authority over aviation matters.

Aficionados of making government “efficient” and empowering “experts” see this increase in the Metropolitan Council as a great thing. It turns the Twin Cities metropolitan region — which is a sprawling mish-mash of overlapping governments, populations, taxing districts, and authorities — into one thing to be managed. And managed by a council that is entirely unelected and mostly unaccountable.

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One Response to Government, Stay in Your Lane

  1. Pally February 18, 2014 at 11:25 am #

    It is shameful to be contained under such enormous corrupt authority no one voted for. The problem is solved now get the metropolitan councils removed from furthering their unnecessary interference and extraordinary costs. Minnesota doesn’t need the offense of government control over we the Minnesotans who are better left free and independent as America stands for. To demean the people of Minnesota with all this extra burdensome government and their limitless pay put in place behind our backs is very insulting, very condescending to know how disrespected people are in the eyes of elected and unelected officials.

    The government uses words like efficient, accountability but doesn’t live up to them anywhere they’ve taken control because their safety net is tax payers! As far as education they use kids to say money increases are for the kids when they commercialize 7000 kids a day drop out of school and kids reveal they’re only learning derogatory opinions of themselves in each and every class, even during lunch. Society shows the poor education children are getting where increase money makes things worse for the children and society.

    How come businesses and parents aren’t the sole investors of children’s education since the children are future employees? Property tax payers are sick of the advantage government takes with excuses and pretensions to show money wasted.

    These selfish people are unreasonable and irrational yet we’re forced to accept. Minnesotans are sick of paying for people that won’t do their job unless their overpaid in money and benefits using children as excuse. “I’m not going to teach your kids unless I get what I want?” This type of attitude is dangerous as they eliminate parents from witness to WHAT IS TAUGHT! Home school if you can. The minds of children are worth greater than this disingenuous government playing monopoly with our money we use to provide for our families while they’re wasting the minds of children, dummying down into socialism, fascism and communism! Three forms of government against the principles of America.

    Teachers are genuine when money and unions (both irrelevant to education,) isn’t the answer and threats are never used.
    Lets bring the strength of Minnesota back where the people rule their own without a met council and with government respectably confined and accountable! What people want is up to the people to fulfill on their own without government who has no boundaries, no competence, no logic and no reason but they do have high salaries far beyond their work performance that might meet a made up job description that isn’t determined by the people forced to pay.

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